John Arnold may refer to: Contents 1 Politicians, 2 Music, 3 Sports, 4 Others, 5 Characters, 6 See also, Politicians: John Arnold (MP for Ipswich) (died 1410), MP for Ipswich, 1388-1399, John Arnold (MP for Hampshire), MP for Hampshire, 1413, John Arnold (MP for Monmouthshire) (died 1606), MP for Monmouthshire, 1597, John Arnold of Monmouthshire (c. 1635-1702), Ultra-Protestant and MP for Monmouth, 1680-1689, 1695 and Southwark, 1689-1695, John H. Arnold (1862-1944), American politician; Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, 1915-1917, John W. Arnold, American politician; Illinois Senate, 1890-1894, Music: John Dent Arnold (1890-1948), American lyricist with composer Harry Baisden of World War I songs, John Ayldon (John Arnold, 1943-2013), English opera singer, Sports: Johnny Arnold (1907-1984), English international footballer and test cricketer, John Arnold (ice hockey) (born 1972), retired Canadian right winger, Others: John Arnold (bishop) (born 1953), English Catholic bishop, John Arnold (judge) (1915-2004), British judge, John Arnold (priest) (born 1933), Anglican dean and author, John Arnold (watchmaker) (1736-1799), English watchmaker and inventor, with a son named John Roger Arnold (1769-1843), John D. Arnold (born 1974), American hedge fund manager, John E. Arnold (1913-1963), American psychologist and engineer, Characters: John (Ray) Arnold, a character in the novel Jurassic Park

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