John Carter may refer to: Contents 1 Fiction, 2 Military, 3 Musicians, 4 Politicians, 5 Sportsmen, 6 Other, 7 See also, Fiction: John Carter of Mars, a character from the classic science fiction series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter (film), a 2012 film featuring the Burroughs character, John Carter, Warlord of Mars, a Marvel Comics series created in 1977 and based on the Burroughs character, The fictional universe depicted in John Carter fiction, known commonly as Barsoom, , John Carter (ER), a character from the television series ER, John Carter, a character from the film Cromwell played by Frank Finlay, John Carter, a character from the television series Little House on the Prairie played by Stan Ivar, Zebadiah John Carter, a character from the Robert A. Heinlein novel, The Number of the Beast, Johnny Carter (EastEnders), a character from the television series EastEnders, Military: John Carter (Royal Navy officer) (1785-1863), Royal Navy officer during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, John C. Carter (1837-1864), Confederate general in the American Civil War, John J. Carter (1842-1917), Irish officer who fought in the American Civil War, Musicians: John Carter (jazz musician) (1928-1991), American jazz musician, John Carter (musician) (born 1942), English singer-songwriter, Johnny Carter (singer) (1934-2009), American singer and member of The Dells and The Flamingos, John S. Carter (1945-2011), American music executive, producer, and songwriter, often known simply as Carter, Politicians: John Carter (died 1408), MP for Scarborough, John Carter (died 1432), MP for Scarborough, John Carter (Mayor of Portsmouth) (1741-1808), English merchant and mayor, John Carter (New Zealand politician) (born 1950), New Zealand politician, Jack Carter (politician) (John William Carter, born 1947), United States Senate candidate from Nevada and son of U.S. President Jimmy Carter, John Carter (Roundhead) (1619-1676), English Parliamentary soldier and politician, John Carter (South Carolina politician) (1792-1850), U.S. Representative from South Carolina, John Carter (Texas politician) (born 1941), U.S. Representative from Texas, John Carter, U.S. Air Force veteran and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina in 2010, Sportsmen: John Carter (cricketer) (fl. 1789), Nottingham cricketer, John Carter (cricketer, born 1935), former English cricketer, John Carter (cricketer, born 1963), former English cricketer, John Carter (ice hockey) (born 1963), professional ice hockey player, Other: Carter (artist) (John Carter, born 1970), contemporary American artist, John Carter, Nerdapalooza founder, John Carter (1942-2000), founder of Carter's Steam Fair, John Carter (born 1942), sculptor and Royal Academician, John Cain Carter (born 1966), American rancher and environmentalist, John Carter (actor) (born 1927), American actor and director, John Carter (architect) (1748-1817), English draughtsman and architect, John Carter (author) (1905-1975), English author, book-collector and bookseller, John Carter (Christadelphian) (1899-1962), editor of The Christadelphian from 1937 to 1962, John Carter (endocrinologist) (born 1944), Australian medical academic and endocrinologist, John Carter (evangelist), Seventh-day Adventist evangelist, John Carter (insurer) (born 1937), chairman of Commercial Union (1994-1998), John Carter (mouth artist) (1815-1850), disabled English artist, John Carter (police officer) (1882-1944), Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, 1938-1940, John Carter (smuggler) (1770-1807), "King of Prussia", smuggler operating out of Prussia Cove, Cornwall, John Carter (sound engineer) (1907-1982), American sound engineer, John Charles Carter, the birth name of Charlton Heston, John Coates Carter (1859-1927), English architect, John Franklin Carter (1897-1967), American journalist, John Phillip Carter (born 1950), Australian professor in civil, geotechnical and offshore engineering, fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, John W. Carter (died 1895), partner in Carter's Ink Company in Massachusetts

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