John Daly may refer to: J. Burrwood Daly (1872-1939), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, John Charles Daly (1914-1991), radio & TV newsman and television host on What's My Line? 1950-1967, John Corry Wilson Daly (1796-1878), early Canadian politician, first mayor of Stratford, Ontario, John Daly (American media personality), 1990s American journalist, John Daly (athlete) (1880-1969), Irish athlete who won an Olympic silver medal, John Daly (Australian politician) (1891-1942), John Daly (bishop) (1901-1985), former colonial Anglican bishop, John Daly (drink), an alcoholic drink, John Daly (Fenian) (1845-1916), Irish revolutionary and leading Member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, John Daly (footballer) (1870-?), Australian rules footballer, John Daly (gambler) (1838-1906), New York City criminal, John Daly (golfer) (born 1966), golfer on the PGA Tour, John Daly (Irish Member of Parliament) (1834-1888), Irish Nationalist Member of Parliament for Cork City 1880-1884, John Daly (Irish politician) (1867-1932), represented Cork in the 1920s, John Daly (Irish TV presenter), Northern Irish chat show host, John Daly (outlaw) (1839-1864), American Western outlaw, John Daly (producer) (1937-2008), British movie producer and director of The Big Bang, John Daly (rugby) (John Christopher Daly), Irish rugby union and rugby league footballer of the 1940s and '50s, John Daly (skeleton racer) (born 1985), American skeleton racer, John Daly (soccer coach), English American college soccer coach, John Donald Daly (1841-1923), American businessman and landowner, for whom Daly City, California, is named, John Lawrence Daly (1943-2004), self-declared "Greenhouse skeptic", John Daly, robber in the Great Train Robbery (1963)

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