John Evans may refer to: Contents 1 Academics, 2 Sportsmen 2.1 Association football, 2.2 Cricket, 2.3 Gridiron football, 2.4 Rugby, 2.5 Other sports, , 3 Musicians, 4 Politicians 4.1 Canada, 4.2 United Kingdom, 4.3 United States, , 5 Religious figures, 6 Other, 7 See also, Academics: John Evans (archaeologist) (1823-1908), English archaeologist and geologist, John Evans (topographical writer) (1768-c. 1812), writer on Wales, John Davies Evans (1925-2011), English archaeologist and academic, John Gwenogvryn Evans (1852-1930), Welsh minister and paleographer, John Robert Evans (born 1929), Canadian pediatrician, academic, businessperson, and civic leader, John William Evans (geologist) (1857-1930), British geologist, Sportsmen: Association football: John Evans (footballer) (1929-2004), English footballer with Liverpool, John Evans (footballer born 1859) (1859-1939), Welsh footballer for Oswestry Town, see Wales international footballers, John Evans (footballer born 1900), English footballer for Sheffield United, Walsall and Stoke, John Evans (footballer born 1941), footballer for Chester City, Jonny Evans (born 1988), Northern Irish footballer with Manchester United, John Edward "Ted" Evans (1868-1942), English footballer with Stoke and Port Vale, Cricket: John Evans (cricketer) (1889-1960), English cricketer, John Evans (Kent cricketer) (fl. 1820s), English cricketer, Gridiron football: John C. Evans (fl. 1930-1965), American football and basketball player and coach, Johnny Evans (American football) (born 1956), American football player and radio commentator, Johnny Evans (Canadian football) (before 1902-1930), Canadian football player, Rugby: Jack Evans (rugby player) or John (1871-1924), Welsh rugby union and rugby league forward, Jack Elwyn Evans or John (1897-1941), Welsh rugby union and rugby league wing or centre, John Evans (rugby league) or Jack (fl. 1920s), English professional rugby league centre, John Evans (rugby player) (1911-1943), Welsh international rugby union hooker, John Hart Evans (1881-1959), Welsh rugby union centre, John William Evans (rugby player) (1875-1947), Welsh rugby union forward, Other sports: John Evans (bowls) (born 1947), English footballer and bowls player, John Evans (canoer) (born 1949), American slalom canoer, John Evans (Gaelic football), Irish Gaelic football manager, John Evans (Gaelic footballer), (born 1955), Irish Gaelic footballer, John Paul Evans (born 1954), Canadian ice hockey player, Musicians: John Evan or Evans (born 1948), English musician with Jethro Tull, John Evans (Box Tops) (born before 1963), American musician with the Box Tops, John Evans (writer) (born 1960), Welsh punk musician and writer, John Rhys Evans (1930-2010), Welsh operatic baritone, Politicians: John Evans (Australian politician) (1855-1943), Australian politician in Tasmania, Canada: John Evans (British Columbia politician) (1816-1879), Canadian miner and politician in British Columbia, John Evans (Saskatchewan politician) (1867-1958), Welsh-born Canadian politician from Saskatchewan, John Leslie Evans (born 1941), Canadian politician from Ontario, John Newell Evans (1846-1944), Welsh-born Canadian politician from British Columbia, United Kingdom: John Evans (by 1519-67/69), English politician from Leominster, John Evans (Welsh politician) (1875-1961), Welsh politician from Ogmore, John Evans, Baron Evans of Parkside (born 1930), United Kingdom politician, United States: John Evans (governor) (1814-1897), American politician, governor of Colorado Territory, co-founder of Northwestern University, John Evans (Pennsylvania governor) (c. 1678-after 1709), Welsh-born colonial governor of Pennsylvania, John Gary Evans (1863-1942), American politician, governor of South Carolina, John M. Evans (1863-1946), American politician from Montana, John Marshall Evans, American ambassador to the Republic of Armenia, John R. Evans (born 1955), American politician from Pennsylvania, John V. Evans (born 1925), American politician, governor of Idaho, Religious figures: John Evans (1702-1782), Welsh anti-Methodist Anglican priest, John Evans (Baptist) (1767-1827), Welsh minister, John Evans (bishop) (before 1671-1724), Welsh born bishop of Bangor and bishop of Meath, John Evans (died 1779), Welsh Anglican priest and curate of Portsmouth, John Evans (divine) (c. 1680-1730), Welsh divine and writer, John Evans (Methodist) (1779-1847), Welsh Methodist of Llwynffortun, St John Evans (1905-1956), Anglican cleric in Africa, Other: John Evans or I. D. Ffraid (1814-1875), Welsh poet, John Evans (19th-century writer) (died 1832), English writer, John Evans (actor) (c. 1693-c. 1734), actor, who confined his performances to Ireland, John Evans (explorer) (1770-1799), Welsh explorer of the Missouri River, John Evans (pirate) (died c. 1723), Welsh pirate, John Evans (printer) (1774-1828), English printer, John Evans (supercentenarian) (1877-1990), Welsh oldest man in the world from 1988-1990, John Evans (surgeon) (1756-1846), Welsh surgeon and cartographer, John Cayo Evans (1879-1958), Welsh mathematician and academic, John D. Evans, American business executive and philanthropist, John Henry Evans (1872-1947), American Mormon educator and writer, John Louis Evans (1950-1983), American murderer executed in 1983, John Maxwell Evans (born 1942), Canadian judge, Johnny Evans, character in the 1949 film Johnny Stool Pigeon, Jon Evans (born 1973), Canadian novelist and journalist

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