John Foster may refer to: Contents 1 15th/16th/17th-century politicians, 2 18th-century politicians, 3 19th/20th-century politicians, 4 Academics, 5 Art and entertainment, 6 Sports, 7 Others, 8 See also, 15th/16th/17th-century politicians: John Foster (MP for Bristol), 15th-century MP for Bristol (UK Parliament constituency), John Foster (died 1576), Member of Parliament for Winchester, Plympton Erle and Hindon, John Foster (by 1508-47/51), MP for Much Wenlock (UK Parliament constituency), John Foster (died 1558), MP for Shaftesbury (UK Parliament constituency) and Hertfordshire, 18th-century politicians: John Foster of Dunleer (died 1747), MP for Dunleer, grandfather of 1st Baron Oriel, John Thomas Foster (1747-1796), MP, John William Foster (1745-1809), MP for Dunleer, John Foster, 1st Baron Oriel (1740-1828), speaker of the Irish House of Commons, John Foster (Dunleer MP), MP for Dunleer 1790-1792, son of 1st Baron Oriel, 19th/20th-century politicians: John W. Foster (1836-1917), American diplomat, John H. Foster (1862-1917), U.S. Representative from Indiana, John Leslie Foster (1781-1842), MP, John Kenneth Foster (1866-1930), British Conservative Party politician, John Foster (British politician) (1904-1982), British Conservative Party politician, John Foster (Australian politician) (1818-1900), politician in the Electoral district of Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, Academics: John Stuart Foster (1890-1944), Canadian physicist, John S. Foster, Jr. (John Stuart Foster, Jr., born 1922), American physicist and government official, John Bellamy Foster (born 1953), American Marxist scholar, John Wells Foster (1815-1873), American geologist, John Foster (essayist) (1770-1843), English essayist, John B. Foster (artist) (1865-1930), New England watercolorist, John Foster (philosopher) (1941-2009?), British philosopher, Art and entertainment: John Foster (singer) (born 1960), British singer, John Foster (cartoonist) (c. 1900-c. 1947), also director, John Foster (printer) (1648-1681), American printer and engraver, John Foster, Sr. (architect) (1758-1827), British architect, John Foster (architect) (1786-1846), British architect, John Foster, a character in the television series Skins, Sports: John Foster, Jr. (sailor) (born 1963), American sport-sailor, John Foster, Sr. (sailor) (born 1938), American sport-sailor & sled racer, John Foster (footballer) (born 1973), English footballer, John Foster (baseball) (born 1978), American baseball player, John Foster (cricketer) (born 1955), former English cricketer, John B. Foster (baseball) (1863-?), New York City baseball writer, sports editor, and ballclub officer, Others: John Foster (composer and magistrate), composer of the tune set to "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night", John G. Foster (1823-1874), United States Army officer and Union general during the American Civil War, John Foster (Australian sailor) (1935-2010), Commodore in the Australian Navy, John Foster (priest) (1921-2000), Anglican dean of Guernsey, Rev. John Foster, 18th century American clergyman, John Foster (textile manufacturer) (1798-1879) - British worsted cloth manufacturer.

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