John Griffin may refer to: Sports personalities: John Griffin (rugby union) (1859-1895), English doctor who played international rugby for Wales, John Charles Griffin (born 1911), American boxer known as Corn Griffin, John-Ford Griffin (born 1979), American Major League Baseball outfielder, John Griffin (hurler), hurler with the Kerry Hurling team, Others: John Griffin (Allegany County, New York) (c. 1771-1846), New York politician, John Griffin (judge) (1774/1779 - after 1823), American jurist and member of the Michigan Territorial Supreme Court, 1806-1823, John Griffin, 4th Baron Howard de Walden (1719-1797), English nobleman and army officer, John Bowes Griffin, British lawyer, Chief Justice of Uganda and first Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, John Howard Griffin (1920-1980), American journalist and novelist, John Joseph Griffin (1802-1877), English chemist and publisher, John K. Griffin (1789-1841), U.S. Congressman from South Carolina, 1831-1841, John Smith Griffin (1807-1899), American missionary in Oregon Country, John Strother Griffin (1816-1898), American surgeon and politician in Los Angeles, John W. Griffin (archaeologist) (1919-1993), American historian in Florida, John W. Griffin (politician) (1927-2006), American local political figure in Ohio, Johnny Griffin (1928-2008), American bop and hard bop tenor saxophonist, John Griffin, founder of the UK's largest minicab business, Addison Lee

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