John Harris may refer to: Contents 1 Politics and government, 2 Academics, arts and literature, 3 Business and industry, 4 Sports, 5 Other, 6 See also, Politics and government: John Harris (MP for Hampshire) (died 1429), English MP for Hampshire (UK Parliament constituency) 1415, John Harris (MP for Grampound), English Member of Parliament for Grampound, 1555, John Harris (MP for West Looe) (c.1564-1623), English MP for West Looe, 1614, John Harris (MP for Montgomery) (died 1626), MP for Montgomery (UK Parliament constituency), 1601, John Harris (Bere Alston MP) (c. 1586-1657), English MP for Bere Alston, 1640 and Launceston, 1621, 1641, John Harris (Royalist) (1596-1649), English MP for Liskeard, 1628, 1640, 1644, John Harris (died 1677) (1631-1677), English MP for Liskeard, son of above, John Harris (merchant), British Member of Parliament for Exeter, 1708, John Harris (courtier) (c. 1690-1767), British Member of Parliament for Ashburton, John Harris (1703-1768), British Member of Parliament for Barnstaple, John Harris (surveyor) (died 1772), farmer, land surveyor and political figure in Nova Scotia, John Harris (New York) (1760-1824), United States Congressman from New York, John Harris (USMC) (1793-1864), 6th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, John Harris (Medal of Honor) (1839-?), Union Navy officer and Medal of Honor recipient, John Harris (Australian politician) (1890-1974), Senator, John Harris, Baron Harris of Greenwich (1930-2001), British political aide and politician for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, John Harris (Alaska politician) (born 1957), member of the Alaska House of Representatives, John Bruce Harris (1903-1983), educator, general merchant and political figure in Saskatchewan, John Dove Harris (1809-1878), English Liberal politician, John F. Harris (Illinois) (born 1962), former chief of staff to Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, Frederick John Harris (1937-1965), South African executed for anti-apartheid bombing, John Hobbis Harris (1874-1940), English missionary, campaigner against slavery and Liberal Party politician, John Hyde Harris (1826-1886), New Zealand politician, John P. Harris (died 1926), Pittsburgh businessman and politician, John S. Harris (1825-1906), United States Senator from Louisiana, John T. Harris (1823-1899), United States Representative and lawyer from Virginia, Academics, arts and literature: John Harris (writer) (c. 1666-1719), writer, lexicographer, John Harris (spinet maker) (died 1772), Boston maker of spinets and harpsichords, John Harris (publisher) (1756-1846), English bookseller and printseller, John Harris (college head) (1802-1856), Congregational minister and college head, John Harris (poet) (1820-1884), Cornish poet, John Harris (novelist) (1916-1991), British author, John Harris (curator) (born 1931), English author, architectural historian, John Harris (bioethicist) (born 1945), professor of bioethics and Director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation, John Harris (artist) (born 1948), artist and illustrator, John Harris, Jr. (artist) (1791 - 1873), John Harris (author) (born 1949), author of Numerican Nation: A Self Portrait, John J.Harris Lyricist (born 6/2/47 (Autobiogrphical Country & Rock Music over 5000 songs depict his Music life, John Harris (physicist) (born 1950), physics professor at Yale University, John Harris (critic) (born 1969), music and politics journalist, John F. Harris, author and writer for, John Howard Harris (1847-1925), president of Bucknell University, 1889-1919, John Wyndham (John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris, 1903-1969), English science fiction author who used several pen names derived from his full name, Business and industry: John Harris, Sr. (1673-1748), trader who settled and established Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the US, John Harris, Jr. (1716-1791), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania businessman, supporter of George Washington's army during the American Revolutionary War, John Harris (software developer), computer programmer, hacker, and author of Atari computer games, John C. Harris (born 1943), owner of Harris Farms, John Williams Harris (1808-1872), New Zealand trader, whaler and farmer, Sports: John Harris (Surrey cricketer) (fl. 1740s-1750s), one of the Harris brothers, John Harris (Australian footballer) (born 1903), former VFL player with Collingwood, John Harris (Scottish footballer) (1917-1988), Scottish footballer and manager, John Harris (cornerback) (born 1933), former American football cornerback, John Harris (Somerset cricketer and umpire) (born 1936), player for Somerset County Cricket Club, later a first-class umpire, John Harris (canoer) (born 1938), British canoer, John Harris (English footballer) (born 1939), English footballer, John Harris (golfer) (born 1952), professional golfer, John Harris (baseball) (born 1954), former Major League Baseball player, John Harris (safety) (born 1955), former American football safety, John Harris (slalom canoer), American slalom canoer, Other: John Harris (Warden) (1588-1658), Warden of Winchester College, 1630-1658, John Harris (Australian settler) (1754-1838), military surgeon, magistrate and landowner in Australia, John Harris (bishop) (1680-1738), Bishop of Llandaff, 1729-1738

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