John Kelly may refer to: Contents 1 People 1.1 Academics and scientists, 1.2 Arts and media, 1.3 Politicians, 1.4 Armed forces people, 1.5 Sportspersons, 1.6 Fictional, , 2 Other, 3 See also, 4 References, People: John Kelly of Killanne (died 1798), leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Wexford, John Kelly (minister) (1801-1876), Congregational minister, John Kelly (architect) (1840 - 1904), British architect specialising in churches, John Larry Kelly, Jr. (1923-1965), originator of the Kelly criterion, John Hall Kelly (1879-1941), former Canadian High Commissioner to Ireland, John Hubert Kelly (1939-2011), U.S. diplomat, John Kelly (diplomat) (born 1941), British diplomat and Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, John A. Kelly (1943-1978), American investigative journalist in Boston, Massachusetts, John Q. Kelly (born 1953), New York City attorney, John Kelly (luthier), manufacturer of hammered dulcimers, Academics and scientists: John Kelly (engineer), Irish professor, former Registrar of University College Dublin, John Forrest Kelly (1859-1922), scientist, John Kelly (scholar) (1750-1809), at Douglas, Isle of Man, Arts and media: John Kelly (performance artist), American visual and performance artist, Jack Kelly (actor) (1927-1992), American film and television actor, noted for the U.S. TV series Maverick, John Kelly (actor) (1901-1947), American film actor whose credits include Meet Dr. Christian, John Kelly (artist), Australian artist, John Kelly (author) (born 1964), British author and illustrator, John Kelly (Doctor Who) (born 1978), member of the Doctor Who Restoration Team, John Melville Kelly (1879-1962), American/Hawaiian artist, John Kelly (Irish broadcaster) (born 1965), Irish radio broadcaster and presenter of The View, Politicians: Jack Kelly (politician), Republican Philadelphia City Councilman-at-Large, John Kelly (Canadian politician) (1852-1934), municipal councillor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, John Kelly (Roscommon politician) (born 1961), Irish Labour Party Senator, John Kelly (Sinn Féin politician) (1936-2007), Northern Irish republican leader, John Kelly (U.S. politician) (1822-1886), politician in Tammany Hall, U.S. Representative from New York (1855-1858), John M. Kelly (politician) (1931-1991), Irish Fine Gael politician, cabinet member, legal scholar, and novelist, John P. Kelly (New Jersey), member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Ocean County, New Jersey, Jack Kelly (politician) (born c. 1939), Philadelphia Republican councilman-at-large, Sir Basil Kelly (John William Basil Kelly, 1920-2008), Northern Irish Unionist politician, John David Kelly (1934-1998), American judge, John Richards Kelly (1844-1922), British Member of Parliament for Camberwell North, 1886-1892, Jack Sherwood Kelly (1880-1931), adventurer and soldier awarded the Victoria Cross, John F. Kelly (politician) (born 1950), former Judge Advocate General and former State Senator for Michigan, John V. Kelly (1926-2009), American Republican Party politician in New Jersey, Armed forces people: John Kelly (Royal Navy officer) (1871-1936), British Admiral of the Fleet, John D. Kelly (Medal of Honor) (1923-1944), American soldier, World War II Medal of Honor recipient, John D. Kelly (1928-1952), USMC, Korean War Medal of Honor recipient, John F. Kelly (Marine), United States Marine Corps general, John H. Kelly (1840-1864), American Confederate Brigadier General, John J. Kelly (1898-1957), USMC, World War I Army and Navy Medal of Honor recipient, Sportspersons: John Kelly (American football) (born 1944), American football player, John Kelly (catcher) (1859-1908), 1879-1884 baseball player, John Kelly (outfielder) (1879-1944), 1907 baseball player, John Kelly (sportscaster) (born 1960), ice hockey sportscaster, John Kelly (Lancashire and Derbyshire cricketer) (1922-1979), English cricketer, John Kelly (Nottinghamshire cricketer) (born 1930), English cricketer, John Kelly (footballer born 1960), Anglo-Irish soccer player whose clubs included Tranmere Rovers, Preston, John Kelly (golfer) (born 1984), American amateur golfer, John Kelly (rugby union) (born 1974), Irish rugby union footballer, John Kelly (rugby league), English former rugby union and professional rugby league footballer, John B. Kelly, Sr. (1889-1960), nicknamed "Jack", Olympic rower, father of actress, Grace Kelly and John B. Kelly, Jr., John B. Kelly, Jr. (1927-1985), Olympic rower, Philadelphia councilman, head of the US Olympic Committee and brother of Grace Kelly, Kick Kelly (1864-1892), also known as "Honest John", American baseball player and umpire, boxing referee and gambling operator, Shipwreck Kelly (John Simms Kelly, 1910-1986), American football player, Jack Kelly (footballer) (1913-2000), English footballer with clubs including Burnley and Leeds United, John Kelly (footballer), Irish soccer player during the 1960s, John Kelly (Scottish footballer) (1921-2001), Scottish footballer (Barnsley, Scotland), John Kelly (Tipperary hurler) (born c. 1947), Irish retired sportsperson, John Paul Kelly (born 1987), former Irish professional footballer, Fictional: Jack Kelly, character in the 1992 Disney film Newsies, played by Christian Bale, John Kelly (NYPD Blue), character in NYPD Blue played by David Caruso, Real name of John Clark (Tom Clancy character), character in a number of Tom Clancy novels, Other: John Kelly Girls' Technology College, John P. Kelly (album), a 2001 album by rapper Mr. Cheeks

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