John Reynolds may refer to: Politics: John Reynolds (U.S. politician) (1788-1865), American politician, governor of Illinois, John Hazard Reynolds (1819-1875), American politician from New York, John Merriman Reynolds (1848-1933), American politician from Pennsylvania, John W. Reynolds, Sr. (1876-1942), American politician from Wisconsin, John W. Reynolds, Jr. (1921-2002), American politician, governor of Wisconsin, John Reynolds (Canadian politician) (born 1942), Canadian politician from British Columbia, Military: John Reynolds (soldier) (1625-1657), soldier in the English Civil War, John Reynolds (Royal Navy officer) (c. 1713-1788), British naval officer and governor of the Province of Georgia, John F. Reynolds (1820-1863), American army officer active in the US Civil War, Sports: John J. Reynolds (1889-1987), American track and field athlete, John Reynolds (motorcycle racer) (born 1963), British motorcycle racer, Arts and entertainment: John Reynolds (writer) (c. 1588-c. 1655), English merchant and writer, John Hamilton Reynolds (1794-1852), English poet, satirist, critic, and playwright, John Reynolds (actor) (1941-1966), American actor, John Reynolds (American musician), American musician, songwriter, and music producer, John Reynolds (musician), record producer, the first husband of singer Sinéad O'Connor, John Lawrence Reynolds (born 1943), Canadian author, Science and technology: John Reynolds (agriculturist) (1703-1779), English farmer and agricultural innovator, John Russell Reynolds (1828-1896), British neurologist, John Reynolds (astronomer) (1874-1949), British astronomer, John Reynolds (physicist) (1923-2000), American physicist, John C. Reynolds (1935-2013), American computer scientist, John Reynolds (ecologist), 1959-, Other people: John Henry Reynolds (educator) (1842-1927), British champion of technical education, John Myrdhin Reynolds or Vajranatha (born 1942), American Buddhist scholar, John W. Reynolds (Oregon attorney) (1875-1942), American attorney and educator

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