John Reynolds may refer to: Politics: John Reynolds (U.S. politician) (1788-1865), American politician, governor of Illinois, John Hazard Reynolds (1819-1875), American politician from New York, John Merriman Reynolds (1848-1933), American politician from Pennsylvania, John W. Reynolds, Sr. (1876-1942), American politician from Wisconsin, John W. Reynolds, Jr. (1921-2002), American politician, governor of Wisconsin, John Reynolds (Canadian politician) (born 1942), Canadian politician from British Columbia, Military: John Reynolds (soldier) (1625-1657), soldier in the English Civil War, John Reynolds (Royal Navy officer) (c. 1713-1788), British naval officer and governor of the Province of Georgia, John F. Reynolds (1820-1863), American army officer active in the US Civil War, Sports: John J. Reynolds (1889-1987), American track and field athlete, John Reynolds (motorcycle racer) (born 1963), British motorcycle racer, Arts and entertainment: John Reynolds (writer) (c. 1588-c. 1655), English merchant and writer, John Hamilton Reynolds (1794-1852), English poet, satirist, critic, and playwright, John Reynolds (actor) (1941-1966), American actor, John Reynolds (American musician), American musician, songwriter, and music producer, John Reynolds (musician), record producer, the first husband of singer Sinéad O'Connor, Science and technology: John Reynolds (agriculturist) (1703-1779), English farmer and agricultural innovator, John Russell Reynolds (1828-1896), British neurologist, John Reynolds (astronomer) (1874-1949), British astronomer, John Reynolds (physicist) (1923-2000), American physicist, John C. Reynolds (1935-2013), American computer scientist, Other people: John Henry Reynolds (educator) (1842-1927), British champion of technical education, John Myrdhin Reynolds or Vajranatha (born 1942), American Buddhist scholar, John W. Reynolds (Oregon attorney) (1875-1942), American attorney and educator

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