John White is the name of: Contents 1 Musicians, 2 Politicians 2.1 United Kingdom, 2.2 United States, 2.3 Canada, 2.4 Other, , 3 Scientists and medical professionals, 4 Sportsmen, 5 Writers, 6 Others, 7 See also, Musicians: John White (singer) (1902-1992), American country music singer, writer on the genre of western music, John Simon White (1910-2001), American vocal coach and opera director, John White (composer) (born 1936), English musician, John Paul White, American singer-songwriter and member of the Civil Wars, Politicians: United Kingdom: John White (died 1407), in 1388 MP for Norfolk, John White (fl.1406), MP for Dartmouth (UK Parliament constituency), John White (fl.1397-1410), MP for Reading (UK Parliament constituency), John White, Member of the English Parliament for the City of London, 1566-1571, John White (died 1597), MP for Clitheroe, John White (Welsh politician) (1590-1645), lawyer and MP for Southwark, 1640-1645, John White (1634-1713), British Member of Parliament for Nottinghamshire, John White (1699-1769), British Member of Parliament for East Retford, John Bazley White (1848-1927), British Member of Parliament for Gravesend, 1886-1892, John Baker White (1902-1988), British politician, John White (loyalist) (born 1950), convicted murderer, Northern Ireland, Robert John White, President of the Ulster Unionist Party and former Mayor of Coleraine, John White, 1st Baron Overtoun (1843-1908), Scottish chemical manufacturer, supporter of religious causes, philanthropist and Liberal politician, United States: John White (Kentucky politician) (1802-1845), Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John D. White (1849-1920), American politician from Kentucky, John White (unionist) (1870-1934), president of the United Mine Workers of America, John E. White (1873-1943), American politician, John C. White (1924-1995), Chairman of the U.S. Democratic National Committee, John White (Ohio politician) (born 1946), former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, John F. White, Jr., Pennsylvania politician, John P. White, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1995-1997, John White, Louisiana state superintendent of education since 2012, John White (Maryland politician), U.S. Congressional candidate in Maryland, John White (diplomat) (1884-1967), US Ambassador to Haiti and Peru, John Baker White (Virginia) (1794-1862), American military officer, lawyer, court clerk, and civil servant, John Baker White (West Virginia politician) (1868-1944), American military officer, lawyer, and politician in West Virginia, Canada: John White (Frontenac County) (c. 1760-1800), Canadian politician, John White (Liberal MP) (1811-1897), Canadian politician, John White (Conservative MP) (1833-1894), Canadian politician, John Franklin White (1873-1961), Conservative member of the Canadian House of Commons, John White (Ontario politician), provincial cabinet minister, Other: John White, acting Governor of Jamaica, 1691-1692, John White (New Zealand politician) (1830-1876), New Zealand politician, John White (Irish politician), Irish Farmers' Party / Cumann na nGaedhael politician, TD for Donegal, 1923-1933, John White (Australian politician) (born 1942), member of Tasmanian state parliament, 1986-1998, Scientists and medical professionals: John White (surgeon) (1756-1832), Surgeon-General of New South Wales, John Graham White, co-developed confocal microscopy and mapped the complete nervous system of C. elegans, John White (chemist), Professor of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Sportsmen: Jock White (1897-1986), Scottish footballer, born John White, John White (rower) (1916-1997), American rower, J. T. White (1920-2005), American football player and coach, John White (footballer, born 1937) (1937-1964), Scottish international footballer for Falkirk and Tottenham Hotspur, John White (footballer, born 1986), English football player, John White (Canadian football) (born 1991), American player of Canadian football, John Henry White (born 1955), Canadian football player, John White (squash player) (born 1973), Scottish squash player, John White, Irish Steeplechase rider who was first past the post in the void 1993 Grand National, John White (New Zealand footballer), former football (soccer) player for New Zealand, John J. White (footballer) (1887-1950), Australian footballer, Writers: John White, alias of Augustine Bradshaw (1575-1618), Benedictine monk, John White (ethnographer) (1826-1891), New Zealand public servant known for his work on the history and traditions of the Māori people, John Herbert White (1880-1920), co-author of Modern Chess Openings, John White (Christian author) (1924-2002), author of the Archives of Anthropos series, Others: John White (bishop) (1510-1560), English bishop, John White (colonist and artist) (c. 1540-c. 1590), governor of the Roanoke Colony, first English colony in America, John White (chaplain) (1570-1615), English clergyman, John White (colonist priest) (1575-1648), English Puritan clergyman, John Chambers White (c. 1770-1845), Royal Navy admiral, John G. White (1845-1928), Cleveland attorney and collector of books about chess, folklore, and Orientalia, John White (South Australian painter) (1854-1943), painter and pharmacist, John T. White (1856-1924), Maryland school administrator and author of proposed alternate lyrics to the Maryland state song, John White (minister) (1867-1951), Moderator of the General Assembly in 1925 and 1929, John White (Provost of St Edmundsbury) (1895-1958), Anglican priest, John F. White (1917-2005), American academic administrator, John Sylvester White (1919-1988), American actor, John White (art historian) (born 1924), English former art historian, John M. White (born 1937), American performance artist, sculptor and painter, John H. White (photojournalist) (born 1945), African-American photographer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, John White (actor) (born 1981), Canadian actor

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