From a small in North Carolina Jonathan Dale was born and raised in the tightest part of the Bible belt. His father being a pastor, his mother owning and operating one of the most successful Christian Graphic Design groups, and His big brother working as a Biomedical Technologiest for Duke Hospital in assocation with Duke University, Jonathan never really fit into the mold He was suppose too. At age 8 years old Jonathan Dale's first stage appearance was after entering the local 4-H Talent and placing as the Overall Winner in the competition. Jonathan began singing and recording Southern Gospel music and toured all over the country singing every weekend at church, conventions, and major Christian concerts. At age 12 years old Jonathan's rendition of "His Eye is On The Sparrow" charted at #5 on The National Southern Gospel Radio National Chart. Afterwards Jonathan had multiple charting successes. Jonathan was named the youngest to ever perform our great nations National Anthem for a Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys football game. After winning dozens of awards, covering Christian Magazines, performing, acting, recording, and much more Jonathan's childhood was much different compared to his normal friends while growing up.

At age 17 Jonathan auditioned for CMT's Can You Duet with his childhood bestfriend and made through to audition in front of the celebrity judges. After auditioning with The Dixie Chicks hit song "Long Time Gone" the judges we're blown away by Jonathan and let his partner go and sent Jonathan Dale onto the next round. Later in the season Jonathan was paired up with Brandon Green and together they were known as; JB Rocket. They competed in the reality TV competition and had memorable moments with songs like "Neon Moon" and "More Than a Memory" that we're raved about all over the internet and even talked about in The Associated Press written by Naomi Judd. JB Rocket performed all the way into the finale, placed 1st runner up and landing a record deal with The Valory Music Group of Big Machine Records. After the momentum of the show had deteriorated JB Rocket had been signed and waiting for a radio release for over a year. So after the winning duo had been completely set up for sucess, JB Rocket was dropped and dis-banded later the following month.

Jonathan Dale was back to square one. After having sucess of finishing 1st runner up on a national television show, being signed to the home label of Taylor Swift, and having that glimpse and that taste of success and being promised that chance at sucess and having all that taken away in what seemed like a moment. It was a hard hit for a young hopeful musician like Jonathan Dale. Later that year Jonathan got engaged and went through a very public break up thanks to social media and the following He carried over from reality TV wonderland. Jonathan was again shot down.

In 2011 Jonathan begin working on a solo record entitled: "Love Luck and Leaving". He wrote or co-wrote almost all 11 tracks on the record. "I channeled all the energy from my victory and loss of Can You Duet and all the love and heartbreak of the relationship he was going through at the time. The album isn't necessarily a commericial piece of art, but it's a piece of art from his heart. "I didn't record it thinking it would have major radio sucess or anything like that. I made this album to say thank you to fans and people who has followed me so dilligently since I was child or watching me CMTs Can You Duet. This record was made to thank them and let them get to know me better before 'the big bang', if you will." says Jonathan Dale.

Like many young people in the spotlight, Jonathan found himself dealing with the disappointments by turning to drugs. With strong family and friends support Jonathan entered rehab and started treatment at a Mcloud Addicition Center at the end of 2012. He takes pride in being open and honest about this part of his life journey. In doing so, finds healing for himself and hopes of helping others along the way. In 2013 Jonathan is teaming up with several pro-addiction free promoting foundations and YouTube, producing a new reality series about overcoming addiction and trying to make it in the music business. Also in 2013, Jonathan will be releasing new music and new tour dates in the fall.