Hi, I'm Joshua Okeefe. I am 20 years old. I learned to play guitar at the age of 11 from my cousin's friend Luke. He came to my house and he would play every song I loved, I
was amazed, and from that day forward I knew that I wanted to become a musician.

I was raised in the English countryside with my father constantly playing country music. I developed a love of this music and although I was in a pop band from age 13-15 and toured the country a number of times, my heart remains in country.
I attended the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in the UK and I realized that if I wanted to become a country music artist that I had to come to Nashville and write songs. I also write pop songs in the UK and Europe

I play guitar and piano and believe it or not I am learning the banjo!
I feel like Nashville has become a second home to me and I come here as often as I can to write.
I am currently working on my own music project in Nashville. I am so happy I have become great friends with the people helping me to make the music!

God Bless,
Joshua x