Jud may refer to: Jud, North Dakota, a hamlet in the United States, Jud (film), 1971 film, Jud, a surname: Leo Jud, a Swiss reformer, Jakob Jud, a Swiss linguist, , Jud, a nickname: Jud Buechler, American professional basketball player, Jud Heathcote, American college basketball coach, Jud Hurd, cartoonist, Jud Larson, American racecar driver, Jud Logan, American athlete, Jud Strunk, American singer, songwriter, and comedian, Jud Taylor, American actor, television director and television producer, Jud Wilson, American professional baseball player, , "Pore Jud Is Daid", a song from the musical Oklahoma!, yud or yod (Hebrew: יוֹד or יוּד‎), a name of the Hebrew letter י

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