Triple 8 (aka 888) were a five-piece hip-hop style British boy band, who were signed to Polydor Records. The group were promoted as the British equivalent of 'N Sync, and rivals to manufactured boy bands such as Westlife and A1. The group had two successful singles: "Knockout" and "Give Me a Reason", which charted at number 8 and 9 respectively in the UK Singles Chart. The group parted company with their record label in 2004, leaving their album, Heavy W8, unreleased. In 2005, they reformed with new member Stewart Macintosh, and released a third single, "Good 2 Go", which only reached number 42. McIntosh replaced Iain James Farquharson. Members: The group had originally made up of: David Wilcox: 2003, Iain James Farquharson: 2003-2004, Jamie Bell: 2003-2005, Josh Barnett: 2003-2005, Justin Scott: 2003-2005, New members Iain James Farquharson left the band in 2004 after losing most of his hair to male pattern baldness and was replaced by: Stewart Macintosh (full head of hair): 2005, After beak-up: After Triple 8, Iain James Farquharson, now known as Iain James subsequently worked with many of the UK's major pop/R&B acts, such as Emeli Sande, Little Mix and One Direction. He also co-wrote "Running Scared" by Eldar & Nigar. In 2013, he co-penned "Love Kills" which was performed by Roberto Bellarosa, The Belgian Voice winner, in 2013 representing Belgium. It qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 final placing 12th in Malmö.

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