Like fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, 20-year-old Kara Della Valle got her start on YouTube. Unlike most YouTube artists, however, Kara's first video was an original song. While her cover videos have also become popular, and have been featured on sites like Perez Hilton, Kara is first and foremost a singer-songwriter. Although she’s taken on the likes of Miranda Lambert and Hunter Hayes, many of her most popular videos remain original songs. With over half a million views on YouTube, fans from around the world have been exposed to both her unique takes on popular songs and self-penned material.

Her song “Tonight” has taken on a life of its own, racking up views across the web. The self-penned lyrics (“Cause it all comes rushing back/Your eyes look the same as/The first day we met/But you walk by like we haven’t/And I feel the same as/Two years ago tonight”) have appeared in many Facebook statuses, tweets, and Tumblr posts, resonating especially with Kara’s young female followers. “The main thing that inspires me to write songs is what happens to me. I know that’s a very common answer, but I think it would be weird if someone didn't say that,” she says. Kara’s honesty and accessibility in her lyrics make her a friend and confidant to her followers, who often ask for advice on topics ranging from beauty to boyfriends.

However, Kara’s ready to sing to more than just a camera. “There are a lot of things you get to experience when you're a musician and I think performing is my favorite. I'd love to go on tour and introduce people to my music.”

In November 2012, Kara released the follow-up to her successful independent debut, Out Loud. Her new album, Glass, is now available at all major digital outlets. During its first week on sale, the independent release charted alongside superstars Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood as it hit the Top 100 Country Albums chart on iTunes.

Although Kara’s blend of country, pop, rock, and folk is reminiscent of some of the great female singer-songwriters of the 90s, like Jewel and Shawn Colvin, “I want to be the first ‘Kara Della Valle.’ I’ve done things differently my whole life and I don’t intend on changing now,” she says.