Kathy Robertson was born in Texas and raised in California. A singer most of her life, she graduated with a Masters Degree and taught kindergarten during the day in order to support her music. Refusing to bend to Nashville or allow someone to tell her how to sing, dress or what material to chose, Robertson made the decision early on that she would do things her way. Never one to follow after a big music deal, she produced and marketed her own recordings. With as much luck as talent, Robertson managed to get the attention of a great many fans and industry people the world over.

Another featured artist from the A Town South of Bakersfield compilation, Robertson got her music business education while working on the road with Bakersfield legend and songwriter Red Simpson. Singing with Simpson, the man responsible for thirty-some hits for Buck Owens, gave Robertson the knowledge she needed to make her own way. Supported by the friendship and advice of Bakersfield's queen, Bonnie Owens, Kathy Robertson carried on the Bakersfield tradition with gusto. Always playing with a full honky tonk band, Robertson worked not only with Simpson, Owens and many other Bakersfield notables, but wrote and sang with Rosie Flores, Chris Gaffney, Katy Moffatt, Paul Marshall and Mel Harker. The release of a cassette in the 1980s that included the Lawton Jiles' hit "Let the Teardrops Fall" eventually lead to her 1996 record At the Cantina. Following its release, Robertson hit the trail in earnest and played Nashville as well as some other spots around the Southwest and California between recording sessions and teaching. ~ Jana Pendragon, Rovi