Contemporary Country
I am a singer/songwriter from a small town in Connecticut with big dreams! I started taking classical voice lessons at age 12 at Connecticut College, and continued on to study vocal performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I play piano and guitar and I eat, sleep and breathe music. At age 16 I found out I needed to have open heart surgery for an ASD repair. The doctor told me that if I didn't have the surgery I would have 13 years left to live, and also that the breathing tube going down my throat could cause me to never be able to sing again if they were to hit my vocal chords the wrong way. I made the doctor promise me and give me his word that I would be okay...because my exact words to him were "I would rather live for 13 years than to never be able to sing again." This is my passion, and I'm fighting until the very end! I hope you enjoy my music and continue to join me on this amazing journey! :)