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Seven surgeries, a college softball scholarship, and a full-time job all laid the foundation for Katye Hamlin’s journey as an artist and drove her to keep pursuing her true passion: music.

Katye’s country style stems directly from her down-home Texas roots where faith and family are the most important things in life. Born and raised in Bryan/College Station, Texas, Katye began playing the piano and singing from the age of four.

As her love for music grew, so did her love for sports. As a teenager, Katye suffered two ACL tears and underwent subsequent knee surgeries. She overcame these setbacks and went on to earn a softball scholarship to pitch for Rutgers University. This time, career-ending injuries brought her back to Texas to finish her education in Austin. One morning of her senior year, Katye blacked-out and woke up with deep cuts and a severe broken nose. This terrible accident resulted from a rare heart condition. Two nose surgeries later, and unable to sing for over twelve weeks, she realized just how lost she was without music.

After graduation, Katye worked for a couple TV stations, Fox 7 Austin and the CW TV station in Dallas. While in Dallas, she learned to play the guitar, which really propelled her songwriting. From that point on, she knew music would be her life. After what she calls her “quarter-life” crisis, Katye left her great job to pursue music full-time. Committing 100 percent was the way to make her dreams become reality.

While at the CW, Katye met incredible people who truly believe in her and connected her with industry leaders. With the help of CW33 GM, Joe Young, and VP Cumulus Dallas, Dan Bennett, she found herself in contact with Brian Philips, CMT President, and his incredible VP, Leslie Fram. After hearing her music, Ms. Fram asked her to play a showcase for the CMT talent team. In response to Katye’s performance, she said, “I was impressed by your voice and overall confidence.” She was confident Katye could survive the infamous radio boot-camp all artists go through.

While Katye is a fan of all types of music, she has found her home in country. Katye’s diverse taste in genres influenced her sound and songwriting, creating a unique, soulful/bluesy texture and tone. Katye grew up covering phenomenal greats like Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle, Faith Hill, Martina McBride and Bonnie Raitt which influences can be heard in her music.

With more songs on the way and a new journey ahead, Katye is excited to take life by the horns. With every new song, she is growing as an artist, musician and songwriter. Looking back, she now realizes God put obstacles in front of her because she wasn’t truly ready as an artist. But the time is now; she’s here to seize the opportunity.