Killer Beaz is the stage name of Truett S. Beasley, Jr. (born 1953), an American stand-up comedian. He has a strong southern accent and a strong following in the southern United States. Life and career: Beasley's father was a Korean War veteran and captain with the Jackson, Mississippi Police Department, as well as a licensed funeral director and embalmer. His mother was a public school teacher. He was a competitive pistol shooter growing up. Beaz has appeared on over 100 television programs and is known for the catchphrase "save up." On the 1996 album NASCAR: Hotter Than Asphalt Killer Beaz recorded a song called "Save Up" backed up by Lynyrd Skynyrd. His parents were both killed in 2005 by a drunk driver driving a semi-trailer truck. The incident left him unwilling to perform for over a year.

Source: Wikipedia

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