Contemporary Country
“Kimberly is one of the most talented vocalist I have ever worked with,” says producer and label president Dave Moody. “Every vocal you hear on her new four song EP is a one-take recording. It was definitely fun to watch her sing.”
Kimberly was born in Asheville, North Carolina where she lived until the age of three. Her father being a single dad moved Kimberly and her five year old sister to a small town in the Ozarks called Lampe, located in Southwest Missouri. Shortly after moving to Missouri, Kimberly’s dad remarried. Kimberly gained an extended family, the only person she has known as a mother, three older brothers and an older sister, which makes her the youngest of six.
She attended school in Blue Eye, Missouri which is located on the Missouri, Arkansas line. Kimberly spent time at the lake and riding 4-wheelers, but her passion has always been singing country music. She would sing along with the radio. One of her favorite artists she listened to and sang along with was LeAnn Rimes. Her family realized her talent at the age of five, when she was playing in the front yard singing LeAnn Rimes’ version of “Blue” acapella. She didn’t miss a note. Kimberly’s parents bought her a Karaoke machine and Karaoke CD of LeAnn Rimes. Within two hours she was yodeling to “Cowboy Sweetheart.”
At the age of sixteen Kimberly and her brother Shawn started singing with a local band they later named Rescue. She performed many local events with the band, including the pre-show for Tanya Tucker – Travis Tritt concert and the pre-show for George Jones concert at the amphitheater in her home town of Lampe, Missouri. Kimberly also got the opportunity to show her diversity, singing pop music as the opening act with her band for rapper-singer Nelly.
As many other country singers do in their early years, Kimberly also sang at church. She was a member of an all female praise team that would perform in the area on different occasions. Kimberly loves the Lord with all her heart and gives Him all the glory for her talents.

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