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KLUSO...formerly with the Tokyo based ChickMagnets, now a solo artist...spotlights his style on bringing the audience a unique blend of adult oriented originals mixed with not-so-well-known covers of classic and current influences.
KLUSO's current collection of originals covers a wide range of styles from AAA/Alternative, to Pop/Rock, and Americana/Alternative-Country.
In essence, KLUSO is a story teller. His lyrics take you on a humanistic view of our journey through life and poignantly dig deeper than what may be apparent at first listen.
KLUSO's solo debut CD - DELICATE EYE - released in August 2006. It is a collection of all original tunes backed by his band The ChickMagnets and other Tokyo artists. KLUSO’s second CD – Determination / Kluso aKoustic (2010) demonstrates his songwriter-singer style in a mostly acoustic format. KLUSO’s next release is expected to release late 2012.
KLUSO is currently teamed up with his band Double Shot, playing in the vibrant Okinawa, Japan live music scene.