Krause (German for ruffle) is a common German surname that may refer to: Alan Krause, a former Australian rules footballer who played with Melbourne, Allison Krause (1951-1970), a student at Kent State University, Ohio who was shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard, Asuman Krause, a German-born former model and singer of mixed Turkish and German descent, Aurel Krause, a German geographer known today for his early ethnography of the Tlingit Indians of southeast Alaska, Barbara Krause (born 1959), a former freestyle swimmer from East Germany, Beaver & Krause, a musical duo made up of Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause, Benjamin Krause, a German rugby union player, Bernhard Krause, an Obersturmbannführer in the Waffen SS during World War II, Bernie Krause (born 1938), an American bioacoustician, Bob Krause (Athletic Director) (born 1945), former athletic director at Kansas State University, Bob Krause (politician) (born 1950), 2010 Democratic candidate for United States Senate from Iowa, Brian Krause (born 1969), an American actor, Cameron J. Krause (born 2000), high school football in Illinois, Carolyn H. Krause (born 1938), a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives, Charles I. Krause (1911-2002), an American labor union organizer and local executive, Charles Krause (gymnast), an American gymnast and Olympic medalist, Christiane Krause (born 1950), a German athlete who competed mainly in the 100 metres, Christopher Krause (born 1984), a German footballer who plays for Borussia Fulda, Dagmar Krause (born 1950), a German singer who works with Slapp Happy, Henry Cow and Art Bears, Dieter Krause (born 1936), an East German-German sprint canoer, Ernst Hans Ludwig Krause (1859-1942), a German botanist, Ernst Henry Krause (1913-1989), an American nuclear physicist and aerospace executive, Ernst Krause (1839-1903), a German biologist, Fedor Krause (1857-1937), a German neurosurgeon who was native of Friedland, George Krause (born 1937), an American artist photographer, Gerald Krause (born 1919), a German Waffen-SS officer during World War II, Greg Krause (born 1976), an Arena Football League offensive lineman for the Los Angeles Avengers, Gundula Krause (born 1966), a German folk violinist, Günther Krause (born 1953), a German politician, Hannelore Krause (born 1945), a German woman living in Baghdad who was kidnapped by Iraqi militants in 2007, Hans-Henrik Krause (1918-2002), a Danish actor and film director, Harry Krause (1888-1940), a former professional baseball player, Henry Krause (1913-1987), an American football offensive lineman, James Krause (born 1987), a professional footballer who currently plays for Crawley Town, Jason Krause, the Rhythm/Metal/Acoustic guitar player for Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Jerry Krause, a longtime professional basketball scout and general manager, John Krause (born 1983), an American soccer player, Kai Krause (born 1957), a software artist, UI designer and founder of MetaCreations Corp, Karl Christian Friedrich Krause (1781-1832), a German philosopher, Karl Friedrich Theodor Krause (1797-1868), a German anatomist, Karl Wilhelm Krause, an SS officer, personal orderly and bodyguard to Adolf Hitler, Konstantin Krause (born 1967), a retired German long jumper, Lawrence B. Krause, an economist, Martin Krause (born 1853), a German concert pianist, piano teacher and writer on music, Matt Krause (born 1980), an American politician, Max Krause (1909-1984), an American football running back, Mel Krause (1928-2008), an American college baseball coach and player at the University of Oregon, Moose Krause (1913-1992), a well-known collegiate basketball player during the 1930s, Nadine Krause (born 1982), a German handball player, Orla Hermann Krause (1867-1935), a Danish chess master and analyst, Paul Krause (born 1942), a former professional American football defensive back, Paul Krause (football player) (born 1942), a former professional American football defensive back, Peter Krause (born 1965), American film and television actor and film producer, Peter Krause (artist), an American illustrator and comic book artist, Piet Krause (Piet) Krause (born 1973), a former South African rugby union footballer, Roswitha Krause (born 1949), a German swimmer and team handball player, Rudolf Krause (1907-1987), a racing driver from East Germany, Ryan Krause (born 1981), an American football tight end, Sigrun Krause (born 1954), a former East German cross country skier who competed during the 1970s, Steven Krause, the vocalist of the US hardcore band inflextion, Tina Krause (born 1970), an American actress and model, Tom Krause (born 1934), a Finnish operatic baritone, Uwe Krause (born 1955), a German former footballer, Wilhelm Krause (anatomist) (1833-1910), a German anatomist who was born in Hannover, Wolf-Rüdiger Krause (born 1944), a German football coach and a former player, Krause can also refer to: Krause Bottom, a riparian forest area on the Elwha River along the Geyser Valley trail in Olympic National Park, Washington, Krause Music Store, a two-story building in Chicago, the last commission by architect Louis Sullivan, Krause Publications, a publisher of magazines and books, especially their series of Standard Catalog of World Coins which are often referred to as the Krause Catalogues, Krause-Kivlin syndrome, a hereditary syndrome that mainly affects the eyes, growth and development, Krause's glands, small, mucous accessory lacrimal glands that are found underneath the eyelid where the upper and lower conjuctivae meet, Otto Krause Technical School, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Villa Krause, the city of the Argentine of San Juan in the Cuyo region, Virchow Krause Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP was founded by Ed Virchow in 1931

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