Larry Brown may refer to: Contents 1 Sportspeople 1.1 American football, 1.2 Baseball, , 2 Other people, 3 See also, Sportspeople: Larry Brown (ice hockey) (born 1947), former NHL ice hockey player, Larry Brown (basketball) (born 1940), NCAA, ABA and NBA player and coach, Larry Brown (athlete) (born 1951), American former sprinter, American football: Larry Brown (cornerback) (born 1969), NFL cornerback and Super Bowl MVP, Larry Brown (defensive tackle) (born 1984), NFL defensive tackle, Larry Brown (running back) (born 1947), NFL running back in the 1970s, Larry Brown (tight end) (born 1949), NFL tight end in the 1970s and 1980s, Baseball: Larry Brown (infielder) (born 1940), former Major League Baseball infielder, Larry Brown (catcher) (1901-1972), baseball player in the Negro Leagues, Other people: Larry Brown (author) (1951-2004), American novelist, non-fiction and short story writer, Larry R. Brown (1943-2012), North Carolina politician, Larry Bubbles Brown, American comedian and actor

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