Leah Winslett a Country-Pop Singer, formally signed with Vandor Motion Pictures and Records. Songwriter, Life-long Musician, She wears many hats. She is also a survivor. Leah Winslett’s life is the stuff from which classic country music is born. At the tender age of 5, Leah, along with her three-year-old sister, were abandoned. At the age of 12, the sisters became separated and Leah went on to be raised in numerous Georgia foster homes. Married at 16, she endured five years of abuse until her divorce at 21. Leah re-married, adopted a handicapped child and with her new family and moved to the West bank in Israel. While in Israel, she obtained her dual U.S./Israeli citizenship and worked as a midwife. During this time, a son was born to the young family. Music was always an integral part of her life; Leah performed though-out Israel with one of the country’s most popular female groups, Tofa Ah.
Returning to the U.S., after more than five years in Israel, Leah chose to settle in the Detroit area. She immersed herself in the legendary music community of Motor City and that of the strong, Orthodox Jewish community. While in Detroit, Leah formed a band, featuring Nashville veterans. The band’s name was ‘Dreamcatcher’, derived from the Native American Legend. She, along with her cadre of musicians, wrote a batch of songs drawn from the well of her own life. The most treasured accomplishment to her growing family was the addition of a baby daughter. Leah Winslett has been given many talents and if genes have anything to do with it, Leah is cousin to Trisha Yearwood. She has had three releases, all of which charted worldwide via the music industry's EMS system and loged significant airplay.