For other uses, see Lester (disambiguation). Lester is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname, first found in Cheshire, England. It originated from an original family living in Leicester, England and is derived from the concatenation of an Old English tribal name "Ligore" and the Old English word "ceaster" meaning "Roman Town or Walled City". Lester may refer to: Contents 1 People 1.1 Given name, 1.2 Surname, 1.3 Fictional characters, , 2 References, People: Given name: Lester Bangs (1948-1982), American music critic, Lester W. Bentley (1908-1972), American Artist from Wisconsin, Lester Bird (born 1938), second Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda (1994-2004), Lester del Rey (1915-1993), American science fiction author and editor, Lester Flatt (1914-1979), American Bluegrass musician, Lester Gillis (1908-1934), better known as Baby Face Nelson, American gangster, Lester Holt (born 1959), American television journalist, Lester Charles King (1907-1989), English geomorphologist, Lester Lanin (1907-2004), American jazz and pop music bandleader, Lester Maddox (1915-2003), former governor and lieutenant governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, Lester Patrick (1883-1960), former professional ice hockey player, Lester B. Pearson (1897-1972), fourteenth Prime Minister of Canada, Lester Piggott (born 1935), English jockey, Lester Speight (born 1971), American actor, former football player and wrestler; known for his portrayal as Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, Lester Vetter (1910-1960), American politician, Lester Young (1909-1959), American jazz tenor saxophonist, Surname: Adrian Lester (born 1984), British actor, Albert Lester (c. 1803 - 1867), New York politician, Brad Lester (born 1985), collegiate American football player, Gavin Lester, Australian rugby league footballer, Jack Lester (born 1975), professional English football (soccer) player, John Lester (1871-1969), American cricketer, Jon Lester (born 1984), Major League Baseball pitcher, Mark L. Lester (born 1946), American Movie Producer, Mary Louise Lester (born 1921), All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player, Paul Lester, British music journalist, Paul Martin Lester (born 1953), communications professor and author, Phil Lester (born 1987), British vlogger and BBC Radio1 presenter, Richard Lester (born 1932), British film director, Seán Lester (1880-1959), Irish diplomat, Sonny Lester (born 1924), American record producer, Fictional characters: Vicki Lester, in A Star is Born (1937 film), and the remake A Star is Born (1954 film), Lester, puppet comedian/dummy performed by Willie Tyler (often billed as "Willie Tyler and Lester"), Lesterfarr, in the webcomic Grey Legacy, Lester Burnham, in 1999's American Beauty (film), Lester Krinklesac, from the television show The Cleveland Show, Lester Patel, from the NBC show Chuck (TV series), Lester, from Jeff Lemire's Essex County graphic novels, Lester Freamon, from the television show The Wire, James Lester, from the television series Primeval, Lester Knight Chaykin, the protagonist of the 1991 Another World (video game), Lester, from the videogame Lester the Unlikely, Lester Crest, from the videogame Grand Theft Auto V

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