Look up lexi in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Lexi or--less commonly--Lexie is a nickname of given names starting with "Alex" or another variations of the name "Lex" (such as Alexis, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexander, Alexandre, Alexa, Alexia etc.). Both forms usually, but not exclusively, refer to a female. People: Lexi Ainsworth, American actress, best known for portraying Kristina Davis on General Hospital, Lexi Alexander, German filmmaker and martial artist, Lexi Belle, American porn actress., Lexie Feeney, archer, Lexi Lane, American professional wrestler, Lexi Randall, former child actor, Lexi, Plural of Lexus, motor cars, Fiction characters: Lexi Bunny, an anthropomorphic rabbit from Loonatics Unleashed, Lexie Carver, a soap opera character, Lexie Grey, a character from the Grey's Anatomy TV series, Lexie MacDonald, a character from a BBC series, Lexi Nicholls, a fictional character from the soap opera Emmerdale, Lexi Walker, a fictional character from the soap opera Fashion House

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