Lost Highway may refer to: Television and film: Lost Highway (film), a 1997 film by David Lynch Lost Highway (soundtrack), the soundtrack for the Lynch film, , Lost Highway: The History of American Country, a 2003 BBC documentary, Music: Lost Highway Records, a country music record label now part of Universal Music Group Nashville, Lost Highway (Leon Payne song), a 1948 song by country singer-songwriter Leon Payne, Hank Williams: Lost Highway, a 2003 musical based on the life of Hank Williams, Lost Highway (Bon Jovi song), a 2007 song by Bon Jovi, Lost Highway (Bon Jovi album), a 2007 Bon Jovi album, named after the song, Lost Highway (Willie Nelson album), a 2009 Willie Nelson compilation album, Lost Highway, a 2002 EP by Helldorado, Lost Highway (opera), a 2003 opera adaptation of the film

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