This article is about an Olympic weightlifter. For the NSW cricketer, see Mark Cameron (cricketer). Mark Cameron (born October 10, 1952) is an American athlete. He was an Olympic weightlifter for the United States. Contents 1 Personal information, 2 Organizations, 3 Weightlifting achievements, 4 References, 5 External links, Personal information: Cameron was born in Clinton, Massachusetts in 1952. As a grown adult, Cameron stood at 5 foot 10 inches and weighed 240 pounds. Organizations: Cameron was affiliated with the York Barbell Club in New York. Weightlifting achievements: Bronze Medalist in Senior World Championships (1977), Pan Am Games Champion (1979), Silver Medalist in Pan Am Games (1975), Senior National Champion (1975-1980), Olympic Games team member (1976 and 1980), Little and Large Show - Lifted presenter Syd Little up - clean and jerk (1986), Senior American record holder in clean and jerk (1972-1992)

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