Alternative Country
The Matt Kimbrow Band is now one of the Texas Country based Bands people and the Music Industry are talking highly about in the Country Music Scene! Touring from town to town and state to state the MKB is making big leaps in their Red Dirt Country Music Genre. Matt and his band have officially made a statement to the Texas Country Music Scene noticeably by his genuine songs and their high energy shows. The MKB’s high electrifying energy show’s will capture the attention of fans by the first song played. Not only is the MKB entertaining, Matt is very much believable with every word and note sung during the performance. From the music writing to stage performance, MKB is for sure a rapid growing package in the Country Music Scene.

This band has accomplished so much in the past 3 years. Such as being nominated twice for "New Artist of the Year" on the Texas Regional Radio Report Music Awards and having their most popular song "Kissed You In The Rain" Nominated for "Single of the Year" amongst Top Named Artist such as Eli Young, Casey Donahew, Stoney Larue, and Jamie Richards! 2013 being nominated for New Band Of The Year! All nominations were voted by fans! The MKB sold out 14 top notch venues 2012 and currently sold out 5 in 2013 with 400 plus in each venue and this was enough proof that all of the hard work put in is officially starting to be a success.

The MKB believes their "Fans" alone are taking them to another level in their careers while keeping their down home Fort Worth Tx ways! The MKB is very proud of their home town "Fort Worth" and Matt doesn’t mind telling you so. This is no ordinary band, this is a band that will make you thrive for more music but will hug your neck after a show to thank you for spending your hard earn money on their tickets and Merchandise. The MKB not only headlines popular stages but has had the opportunity to play with some of the best in Texas such as Dwight Yoakam, Eli Young, Wade Bowen, Casey James, Joe Nichols, Stoney Larue, Casey Donahew, Aaron Watson, even Grammy winner Ty Herndon and many many more! Be on the watch for this band! They are rapidly taking leaps to the top and gives all the praise to God.

Matt: “Thank you Jesus for giving me the talent and the able body to give 100% into everything I do. You could have given anybody else my blessings and you chose me.”