Matthews, Wright & King were a studio assembly masterminded by Columbia Nashville producer Larry Strickland. At the time (the early '90s), Shenandoah had drowned under a wave of bad publicity, lawsuits, and label woes. It was Columbia's idea to step into the breach left by Shenandoah's departure. To that end, Strickland and the label rounded up vocalist/guitarist Raymond Matthews (who was already contracted with Columbia to do a solo album), bassist/vocalist Woody Wright, and guitarist/vocalist Tony King. The Power of Love appeared in December 1991; while the title cut made the Top 50, "Mothers Eyes" and "House Huntin'" weren't nearly as successful. Dream Seekers followed in 1993, but was met with even less enthusiasm, and soon after the trio dissolved. Tony King joined Brooks & Dunn's backing band in 1995; Woody Wright founded an inspirational country/gospel trio with Michael Sykes and David Ponder; and Raymond Matthews embarked on a solo career. (Incidentally, Shenandoah reunited on a different label and continued to release music throughout the 1990s). ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi