Alternative Country
Meade Skelton was born Meade Skelton Haufe on April 8th, 1979 in Virginia, the youngest of five children. Growing up in Loudoun county his love of music began at an early age. at 5 months of age he was walking across the keyboard of his family's old upright piano.

By the age of three , he was playing the piano by ear and singing along to pop tunes he heard on the radio. his first true public performance was at age ten, when he won first place for an orginal piano composition in the classical vein, called "Victory." However, Meade wasn't all that interested in Classical music, instead he liked to belt out tunes like Hank Williams and Elvis.

As a teenager he began performing all across nothern Virginia at banquets, church socials, barbecues, open mikes, retirement homes and radio stations.

Although Meade sings various styles, he has found his niche in country, and inspirational music. Blending Humor and heartache he addresses the issues of life through song. Meade's repertoire includes some of the best loved songs of all time in addition to his extensive list of orginal compositions.