Medulla refers to the middle of something and derives from the Latin word for marrow. Its anatomical uses include: Medulla oblongata, a part of the brain stem, Medulla spinalis, an alternative name for the spinal cord, Renal medulla, a part of the kidney, Adrenal medulla, a part of the adrenal gland, Medulla ossea, the marrow inside a bone, Medulla of ovary, Medulla of thymus, Medulla of lymph node, Medulla (hair), Medullary ray (disambiguation), Used in medullated, a deprecated word for myelinated neurons., Non-medical uses of the term include: Medúlla, a 2004 music album by Icelandic singer Björk, Medulla, Florida, a U.S. city, Las Médulas, Ancient Roman gold mines in León, Spain, Medulla Grammatice or Medulla Grammaticae, a fifteenth-century Latin-Middle English dictionary, Medulla (lichenology), a layer of the internal structure of a lichen, In botany the word pith is loosely used as synonymous with medulla.

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