Contemporary Country
With her debut EP freshly released, Megan Redmond continues to climb the ranks and collect accolades in the country music world. As a young and emerging artist, Megan has been making a name for herself in Nashville these past few years thanks to a strong work ethic and an incomparable passion for music. The Colorado-raised singer released her debut EP, Dreamland on January 31st, 2012, with her first single Falling hitting radio the same week. Falling quickly caught the attention of country music and was placed on industry news leader ALLACCESS.COM’s “Cool New Country” highlight list. Falling then landed on mega radio powerhouse Clear Channel Media’s show on hot new country propelling Falling into the Top 100 Country charts on both Mediabase and Nielsen BDS. Megan will hit fairs and festivals this upcoming spring, summer, and fall, in support of the release and welcoming new supporters to her fan base.

In the past few years, Megan has received praise and honors from several organizations in and out of her home-state: the Colorado Country Music Association had named her Female Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. Megan also won the Future Star of Tomorrow award at NACMAI (North American Country Music Association, International) and was a local winner in the Colgate Country Showdown (now Texaco Country Showdown).

For Megan, music has been a driving force for as long as she can remember. Although some of her earliest memories come from singing along as a child to the tunes playing in her parent’s car, it wasn’t until Megan saw her first live concerts that music was firmly reinforced as a destined career path. Her first concert was at the age of five, where seeing the energy exchanged between the artists and their audiences hooked Megan on a life in the performing arts. Continuing to learn piano, Megan began singing and performing as part of a show choir group, with which she travelled across the U.S. and abroad. Although she enjoyed the dance aspect of the show choir, she knew that she wanted to focus on music and singing, and that’s exactly what she did.

She began working with a vocal coach in Colorado who taught her how to really use her voice as an instrument. After starting off with a variety of Broadway show tunes to work mainly on technique, Megan decided it was time to focus on a genre, but didn’t know exactly which one to choose. When her vocal coach asked her what her favorite song was at the time, she answered Tim McGraw’s Something Like That. Megan’s parents played McGraw’s Greatest Hits album heavily, and so she further forged a bond with country music. She began to follow artists such as Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, and more.

While still working hard with her vocal coach, she started paying more attention to the art of performance. Remembering her first concerts, she reflected on the impact that the artists had on the crowd and wished to learn how to get the same out of her own spectators. She began working with Grammy Award winner, Linda Davis, a stage performance coach in Nashville, who taught her how to reach and move her audience. Her stay in Nashville would also lead to her falling in love with the city, which is now practically her second home.

After a few of her Nashville trips, Megan met renowned vocal performance coach, Kim Wood Sandusky, whose clientele is filled with Grammy Award winning artists and reads like a “who’s who” of the music industry. Kim has taken Megan under her wing developing Megan’s sound and vocal performance style to ultimate potential. Megan is also working with individuals from Tom Jackson Productions, focusing on Tom and his team’s expertise in making live performances unforgettable.

Grateful for the fact that her parents supported her from an early age, she acknowledges that she couldn’t have committed to a music career without their help. When she started performing, she had to miss a considerable amount of school because of frequent trips to Nashville. Since no solution was found to fix her conflicting schedules, Megan started to attend online classes. This transition allowed her to spend more time in Nashville and put more focus on her music career, without however compromising her education.

In 2009, she met Bernard Porter of PCG Nashville who, along with a few other top coaches in Nashville, suggested that Megan accompany her vocals by learning to play the guitar. Today, Megan plays several instruments including the guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

Loaded with a repertoire of instruments, her songwriting has blasted off. Megan’s appreciation for lyrics, melody, and collaborative work have led her to team up with several of Nashville’s most promising songwriters and artists, as well as some of its most successful. Working with other musicians has reinforced her love for songwriting even further. Today she writes not only for herself, but also for other artists in several different genres such as Pop, Folk, and Rock.

In 2011, Megan put her band together in Colorado and spent the following months playing at fairs and festivals across her home and neighboring states, while also playing acoustic shows on her own. Megan also released a few cover songs on YouTube, which were made available for purchase and sold to fans throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Bringing up a few of her musician friends from Nashville for some studio sessions, she recorded songs just outside of Denver with Mike Binder of Tyler Ward Studios. In January 2012, she released the recordings as Dreamland, a six-song EP on which every track was written or co-written by Megan.

“Dreamland is a collection of some of my early songs, it gives listeners a look at who I am and the kind of music I love and want to share with others,” said Redmond about her new EP. “It includes some more upbeat modern country songs, but also some pop, folk/Americana influences. The title track Dreamland, provides an insight into my journey so far expressing how I use music to sometimes escape from everyday life and find peace.”

Megan will be performing throughout 2012 in support of her debut EP and will also be releasing new music by the end of the year.