Midnight Crossing Directed by Roger Holzberg Starring Faye Dunaway, Kim Cattrall Release date(s) November 11, 1988 (1988-11-11), Running time 114 minutes Country United States Language English Midnight Crossing is a 1988 film drama starring Faye Dunaway. , Contents 1 Plot, 2 Cast, 3 Reception, 4 Box Office, 5 References, 6 External links, Plot: What begins as a pleasure cruise turns out to be a treasure hunt for two couples, sight-impaired Helen Barton and her husband, Morely, who's a former naval officer, and Jeff and Alexa Schubb. A million dollars supposedly is buried on a small isle between Florida and Cuba, so the four of them decide to go after it. Their lives become in danger from natives and pirates, as well as from the greed that overwhelms their group. Cast: Faye Dunaway as Helen Barton, Daniel J. Travanti as Morely Barton, Kim Cattrall as Alexa Schubb, John Laughlin as Jeff Schubb, Ned Beatty as Ellis, Reception: The movie received mixed reviews. Box Office: Midnight Crossing was not a success. In fact, the producers owed money to cinema companies because of the film's commercial failure.

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