San Francisco's Mover is one of the brighter stars in California's Cosmic American Music galaxy. The band's music is an amalgam of influences, blending old-fashioned rock & roll -- including the Rolling Stones (circa 1969-1971), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Big Star, and other '70s groups -- with a folkier Byrds-like vibe, and it owes a heavy debt to Parsons' Flying Burrito Brothers. Mover was formed in 1996 with an original lineup of rhythm guitarist/vocalist Eric Shea (ex-Valeria, ex-Supercross), lead guitarist Paul Tyler (ex-Jupiter Sun), bassist/vocalist Mike Therieau (ex-Loved Ones, ex-Event), rhythm guitarist Matt Murdock, and drummer Matt Ellis. Murdock remained in the group a few short months before departing and Ellis left after one year to reportedly join a "Jehovah's Witness alternative rock act" based in Benecia, CA. His replacement was drummer/percussionistPaul Burkhart, who remained with Mover over the next four years. During live performances, the band was vocally backed by "the Sisters": Mandy Taylor, Molly Tuttle, and Mary West. It was through the efforts of their first manager, Katrina Sirdofsky (who later co-managed Christina Aguilera) that in 1996, Mover was approached by graphic poster artist Frank Kozik, who wanted to sign them to his Man's Ruin label. The group reportedly spent only two weeks recording their 1997 debut Original Recipe, which featured additional help from keyboardist Jason Albertini, now a member of the Seattle-based Stagger Lee. Mover spent six months recording a second album, The Only One, which was released in 1998 on Berkeley's Mod Lang label. The album was a substantial improvement and also saw Therieau taking on more lead vocal duties as the group also began to focus on harmonies and acoustic-oriented songs. Mover continued to have a highly visible presence in the Bay Area over the next few years. Shea organized the Annual Sleepless Nights tribute/benefit show as an homage to Gram Parsons and on Monday nights at the Cafe Du Nord, he continues to host the Monday Night Hoot series, inspired by Michael Nesmith's Hoot nights during the '70s. Shea also formed a side-project country band, the High Deserters, with Michael Talbott (Winterflowers), Dave Gleason, and Steve St.Cin (Beulah). In 2001, Mover went through more personnel changes. Burkhart left the lineup and moved to Oregon, where he fronts a group of his own, called Cocaine Unicorn. His replacement was Stephen Anderson. Backing vocalist Mary West also departed from the group in 2001. In 2002, Therieau left Mover to concentrate on the other country-rock band he was concurrently a member of, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days. Talbott came aboard on bass, with Shea taking over all lead vocals. The group has been recording its third album, with producer Davy Vain, at the Groove Room in San Rafael, CA. ~ Bryan Thomas, Rovi