Nat Stuckey originally worked as a DJ before forming his first country band in the late '50s and becoming a regular on the Louisiana Hayride show. It was during this time that he was signed to the Paula label out of Shreveport, LA, and scored a minor hit with 1966's "Sweet Thang." The song was not nearly as popular as his next hit, however. Unfortunately for Stuckey's performing career, it wasn't him who made it famous. The song was "Waitin' in the Welfare Line" and it was a hit for Buck Owens. Though Stuckey profited from the publishing royalties, it did little for his own recording career, and beyond a few minor hits such as 1968's "Plastic Saddle" and "Sweet Thang and Cisco," Stuckey never broke through as a performer in his own right and soon disappeared from country music altogether. ~ Steve Kurutz, Rovi