Though originally a stage moniker for surreal singer/songwriter Carl Johns, as he felt uncomfortable seeing his name on promotional material, Noahjohn has come to incorporate a revolving coterie of 25 members since 1997. In addition, Johns is also the founder of Madison, WI's Speakeasy Records and the Wild Chirp fanzine.

Following his childhood in Southern Indiana, during which he learned piano, guitar, and drums, Johns emerged from a period of spiritual, emotional, and occupational uncertainty while at Indiana University in Bloomington with a newfound appreciation for literature, creative writing, and music. Having drummed in garage bands and worked with bluegrass musicians and having been given an accordion from an uncle, Johns began writing his own compositions when he found himself alone and bored in Madison, WI. Most of these surreal rural narratives would appear on his debut, Tadpoles. Though receiving favorable reviews in the United States, Tadpoles would end up a critical favorite in England, with both the London Sunday Times and Mojo providing glowing praise. By the end of 2000, Johns had solidified the Noahjohn lineup with drummer Pete Kaesberg, bassist Lisa Maerae Hinzman, and multi-instrumentalists Eena Ballard and Stephen Burke. ~ Matt Fink, Rovi