North Country could refer to: Locations: North America The extreme northern regions of the continental United States, bordering Canada (especially the area from New York to the Great Lakes region) North Country Trail, a long-distance foot trail, , The North Country of Minnesota, the northern half of Minnesota, referenced in the 2005 film by that name, The North Country of New Hampshire, roughly corresponding to the Great North Woods Region (New Hampshire), North Country, New York, a region of Upstate New York North Country Community College in Saranac Lake, New York, , United Kingdom Northern England, In Cornwall it is often used to refer to the north of the county, North Country, a hamlet near Redruth, Cornwall, Other uses: North Country (album), a 1993 album by The Rankin Family "North Country" (song), the title track, , North Country (film) (2005), "Girl from the North Country", a song written by Bob Dylan (which has some similarities to the folk song "Scarborough Fair"), Music from the North Country - The Jayhawks Anthology, a compilation album released by the American alt-country band The Jayhawks

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