Daniel Landa (born 4 November 1968) is a Czech musician. Born in Prague, Landa graduated with honours from Prague Conservatory. He began his musical career in 1987 when he along with David Matásek founded the oi! band Orlík, with whom he released two albums. Orlík has been criticized for its racial overtones, targeting specifically the gypsy minority in the Czech Republic. In 1992 he began recording as a solo artist, with his first album being Valčík. He went on to enjoy a successful music career. In 2012 Czech tabloid newspaper released photo of Landa giving a nazi salute alongside with other famous Czech singer Lucie Bila. Landa himself gave an explanation that he was only messing around. On 31 January 2008 Czech prime minister Mirek Topolánek cited his verse Dyť i to největší hovado má svůj strop! (Even the biggest idiot has his limit) from the song Forbes in the concept album Smrtihlav (1998).

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