Hailing from eastern Ontario, Orval Prophet was known as "the Canadian Ploughboy." He journeyed south long enough to make his impact on country and western music in the early fifties, then retreated back home to claim his place as a local legend. The beginning of the big time came in 1951 when he signed a contract with Decca Nashville and recorded several songs for the label, including one that became a big Canadian hit, "Judgement Day Express." After a period of time back in Canada, Prophet returned to Nashville, changed his stage name to Johnny Six, and recorded another two singles in 1957, one of which was "Mademoiselle," which became a big hit in Canada and a minor hit in the U.S.. It, unfortunately, would be his last hit and when he returned to Canada the second time, it marked the end of his recording career. ~ Stacia Proefrock, Rovi