Traditional Country
Paulette Carlson, singer songwriter, born in Hutchinson, Minnesota, moved to Nashville in 1978. Soon after arriving in Nashville she became a staff song writer for The Oakridge Boys publishing company, Silverline/Goldline. In 1983 the Oakridge Boys production company, Rockland Roadhouse, signed Paulette to a singles deal with RCA Records with Tony Brown producing, two singles were released, "It's In The Eyes" and "I'd Say Yes". In 1986 Paulette sought out management and signed a contract with Chuck Morris who was out of Denver. That same year Paulette formed the band Highway 101 and named the band for the Highway 101 in Minnesota where she was from, thinking that it was a great connection to her California band mates with a highway of the same name in their home state. Paulette and Highway 101 signed a singles deal with Warner Brothers Records and recorded their first hit, penned by Carlson,"The Bed You Made For Me." This first hit was given credit for creating the "unique sound" of "Highway 101" and Paulette and the band soon went into the studio and finished the first album. Paulette was given the option by Warner Brothers Records to either keep or drop the band when this first single started up the charts. Paulette chose to stay loyal to her band mates and their first album, "Highway 101 featuring Paulette Carlson" had 3 more hits that followed, "Whiskey If You Were A Woman", "Cry Cry Cry", and "Somewhere Tonight", with Paul Worley producing. Paulette and the band toured extensively and won CMA awards in 1988 and 1989 for Vocal Group Of the Year. They also won the ACM awards in 1988 and 1989 for Vocal Group of the Year. Three more albums and many more hits followed, including a Greatest Hits album. Paulette moved on from touring with the band at the end of 1990, having given the band a years notice that she would be doing so.
In 1991 Paulette signed with Capitol Records and co- produced an album with Jimmy Bowen called "Love Goes On" with many of the songs being penned by Paulette, Including her single I"ll Start With You which she co-wrote with friends, Tom Shapiro and Chris Waters. This single went into the top 20 of the charts. Her daughter, Cali, was born in 1991 and Paulette continued to occasionally tour. She and her Highway friends came back together to do a fun project, including an album and short tour in 1996. This album was called "Reunited".
In 2005 Paulette returned to the studio to produce an album after writing a song called "Thank You Vets" and feeling that the song needed to be heard. Once again the songwriter in her felt the need to produce and sing. After 2 weeks of pre-production and 11 days in the studio, her last album "It's About Time" was off to the pressing plant. She toured doing military benefits for this album, and as her brother Gary, who was a Vietnam Vet, requested, she went out and sang Thank You Vets for all "his brothers".