Peter Harris may refer to: Pete Harris (American football) (1957-2006), American football player, Pete Harris (basketball), former Northeastern University basketball star, Peter Harris (boxer) (born 1962), Welsh boxer, Peter Harris (buccaneer) (died 1680), 17th-century pirate, Peter Harris (director), director of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock, Peter Harris (entrepreneur) (born 1934), English businessman, Peter Harris (footballer) (1925-2003), English association football (soccer) player, Peter Harris (producer) (born 1961), electronic dance music record producer and disc jockey, Peter Harris (surfer) (born 1958), Australian surfer, Peter L. Harris (born 1943), American businessman, Peter R. Harris, former CEO of Compass Group, Peter Charles Harris (1865-1951), officer in the U.S. Army

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