Peter McLaughlin (born 1956) is an Irish academic, historian and educator who is the current Headmaster of The Doon School. Before joining Doon in 2009, he served as Headmaster of Douai School, and Principal of British International School in Cairo and Casterton School in Cumbria, United Kingdom. Contents 1 Education, 2 Career, 3 Work, 4 Other appointments, 5 Family, 6 Bibliography, 7 References, 8 External links, Education: McLaughlin was educated at Prince Edward School in Salisbury, Rhodesia and University of Rhodesia in Salisbury, where he read history. He then studied for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom. Career: Lecturer in Modern history, University of Rhodesia, Salisbury, 1977-1983 (University of Zimbabwe from 1980, Harare from 1982), Research fellow, London School of Economics, 1980-1983, Headmaster, Housemaster and Teacher at various British Schools, 1983-1997, Headmaster of Douai School, 1997-1999, Headmaster of British International School in Cairo, Cairo, 1999-2005, Headmaster of Casterton School, Casterton, Cumbria, 2005-2009, Headmaster of The Doon School, India, 2009 to date, Work: McLaughlin's doctorate was a study of the role of British Imperial defence policy in shaping the Rhodesian armed forces from the 1890s to the 1950s. During the Rhodesian Bush War, he served in operational areas as a field reservist in the British South Africa Police. He set up the War Studies course at the University of Rhodesia (now the University of Zimbabwe) and was awarded an Association of Commonwealth Universities Post-doctoral Fellowship to the London School of Economics to study the British munitions industry in the First World War. He left the world of research and lecturing to carve out a successful career as a headmaster at major Independent schools in England. From 1999 to 2005 he was the Principal of the British International School in Cairo before his unexpected departure to head Casterton School. In 2009, McLaughlin moved to India to head an independent boarding school, the Doon School, succeeding Kanti Bajpai. He has lived in Dehradun in India ever since. Other appointments: Member of The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference, 2010 to date, Family: McLaughlin is married to Elizabeth and has two sons both of whom are studying in the United Kingdom. Bibliography: Ragtime Soldiers: The Rhodesian experience in The Great War (1980), by Peter McLaughlin. Books of Zimbabwe, ISBN 978-0-86920-234-0., The Occupation of Mashonaland (1982), by Peter McLaughlin. Books of Zimbabwe, ISBN 978-0-86920-192-3., The Rhodesian War: A Military History(2008), by Peter McLaughlin. Stackpole Books, ISBN 978-0-8117-0725-1.

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