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A roots music cooperative, Pig Farmer has performed together for over a decade. This Internationally-acclaimed Rockabilly ensemble epitomizes pure Midwestern flavor with all its down-home feel. Pig Farmer’s third and fourth Nashville recorded CD, “Hambone”(2002) “Mountain Oysters” (2005) has drawn attention from every corner of the globe and has been featured on radio programs throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia. Jimmy and the band are currently on tour with “Makin’ Bacon” (2011), the fifth installment in the swine-themed Pig Farmer discography.
This one-of-a-kind group takes the musical approach less-traveled with a sound they call “Punk-a-billy”. Their blend of original and stylized cover songs can be described as a fusion of twisted country with a touch of rock (Americana, Alternative Country). As one of America’s premier Alt. Country acts, Pig Farmer performances are complete with tasteful improvisations, rich harmonies and intense jamming.