POCO 2013:
For 45 years, Poco has been making music in the classic
country rock sound they helped define in the late ‘60’s, a sound that inspired other acts
to follow suit – bands such as The Eagles, Firefall, The Little River Band and Pure
Prairie League. But to persist across six decades, you need to have a rabid fan base that
considers your music to be a soundtrack to their lives, or continue to evolve and refine
your sound while staying true to your roots. Poco does both and it’s why their new
studio album -- their first in eleven years -- All Fired Up, is a celebration of longevity
and unparalleled songwriting.
Still led by singer and songwriter Rusty Young, the addition of two more excellent
songwriters in bassist Jack Sundrud and keyboardist Michael Webb as well as drummer
George Lawrence over the past decade, helped to re-shape Poco for another generation.
“The music has evolved over the years,” said Young. “Different band members bring
different voices to the sound and keep the music fresh. History shows that
Poco has always had great musicians in the band and it's no different today. We're
growing musically, challenging ourselves and moving ahead to create the best music
we've ever made.”