Quicksilver is the chemical element mercury. Quicksilver also may refer to Contents 1 Human individuals, 2 Titled works, 3 Vehicles, 4 Other, 5 See also, Human individuals: DJ Quicksilver (born 1964), electronic musician, Quicksilver (wrestler), American professional wrestler, Titled works: Musical: Quicksilver (soundtrack) from the 1986 film, "Quicksilver" (instrumental), 1969 instrumental from Pink Floyd album Soundtrack from the Film More, Quicksilver (EP), a 2009 EP by The Crüxshadows, Quicksilver (album), an album by Quicksilver Messenger Service, , Moving-image: Quicksilver (U.S. game show), a short-lived USA Network game show, Quicksilver (film), 1986 film, Quicksilver (Irish game show), an Irish quiz show, , Quicksilver (novel) by Neal Stephenson, the first volume of his The Baroque Cycle series, Vehicles: Aircraft: Eipper Quicksilver, Quicksilver GT500, , USS Quicksilver (SP-281), US Navy patrol vessel, Quicksilver, locomotive of Great Western Railway 3031 Class, Other: Quicksilver, California, former town, Quicksilver, a fictional synthetic hormone in The Invisible Man (2000 TV series), QuickSilver, Broadvision desktop publishing software AKA Interleaf, Fictional characters: Quicksilver (comics), a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, Quicksilver (DC Comics), or Max Mercury, a superhero in the DC Comics universe, , Companies and other organizations: Entertainment oriented: Quicksilver, band AKA Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Quicksilver Software, computer-games company, Quicksilver (company), UK's largest amusement arcade company, Las Vegas Quicksilvers, former soccer team, , Primarily non-entertainment organizations: Quicksilver Manufacturing, aircraft company, Quicksilver (ISP), New Zealand internet service provider, QuickSilver (project), a software research project at Cornell University, , , Macintosh-related products: Quicksilver, codename for a version of four-slot models of Power Mac G4 computer, Quicksilver (software), an open source application launcher for Mac OS X,

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