Traditional Country
Quintana Biffert Bio


Timeline: Born March 7, 1992-currently 21 years old.
Singing since eight years of age.

Cut her first CD at the age of twelve in 2004 in Bismarck at
Red Button Recording.

Talent Shows

Timeline: First talent show was at the age of eight in Dodge, ND, placing first in her category.

Won second place at age 12 in a Colgate Country Showdown (CCS) in 2004 in Lisbon, ND.

First place at the Bottineau County Fair (ND) where she opened for Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Nashville country star in 2004 at the age of twelve.

Sang on Loretta Lynn's stage in 2005 at her ranch at age of 13 in Hurricane Mills, TN.

At age 14 she won first place in a Colgate Country Showdown (CCS) in Wolf Point, Montana.

ND State Fair Talent Contest first place winner in 2006 at 15.
In June of 2007 placed second in a CCS in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota at age 16.

Awards, Venues, and Accomplishments

Quintana was a featured performer at the Medora Musical, in Medora North Dakota in July of 2007. She was also a featured performer at Praise on the Prairie (POP) in Beulah, North Dakota the same year.

Quintana has performed at the famous Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville in July of 2007. Later in the same evening, she performed at John A’s near Opry Land Mills. Cut her second CD in late 2008 and 2009 with 12 songs entitled “DREAM” in Nashville. Her third CD was cut in late 2011 and released in May 2012, entitled “Now My Life Song Sings”.

After hearing her sing at Praise on the Prairie in 2007, R.C. Reynolds of the country gospel band Desert Reign invited her to sing at the Country Gospel Music Association (CGMA) in
Ridgway, Colorado in May of 2008. Reynolds is the regional chairman of the western region of CGMA.

In May of 2008 in Ridgway, Colorado, Quintana was named and awarded the Silver Heart Award by CGMA members as their 2008 Teen Performer of the Year, and 2008 Yodeler of the Year.

Quintana and her parents attended the International Convention of the CGMA in October of that same year in Branson. While there, she represented the western division in two categories, Teenage Performer and Yodeler. After singing three nights, just one song to showcase their talents, all artists are voted on by their peers, who are members of CGMA.

On awards night which was October 18, 2008 Quintana was voted as the 2008 Golden Heart Award recipient for International Teenage Performer of the Year, and 2008 Golden Heart Award recipient for International Yodeler of the Year.

In New Mexico on June 22 of 2009, she was again named their 2009 Western Division Teenage Performer of the Year and 2009 Western Division Yodeler of the Year by CGMA.

Quintana and her parents then attended the International Convention of the CGMA in October of 2009 and was named 2009 International Teenage Performer of the Year and 2009 International Yodeler of the Year for the second year in a row. Having been named at the regional conventions as Teenage Performer and Yodeler, this automatically nominated Quintana for the international title.

CGMA has 5500 members with 4000 of them living in the United States. Awards are given in 39 categories, which cover all areas of music and ministry. Quintana is proud to be a member of CGMA, as are her parents.

She opened for the Bellamy Brothers in August of 2008 and the band “32 Below” out of Nashville on July 3 of 2009.

She has also opened for Gwen Sebastian, a Hebron, ND native who lives in Nashville and was on The Voice and now touring with Blake Shelton. One of Quintana’s favorite things to do is to sing for benefits to help people out.

Quintana has two videos entitled, “Broken Pieces from my Heart” and “Nothing Like A Good Rain”. Both videos are on her MySpace and Reverbnation site. While in Branson in October 2009, she cut her third CD with 10 songs.

The CD was released in May 2010 and is available. It is her first gospel CD entitled, Call His Name.

Video and songs can be seen and heard on MySpace. Quintana sings country, country gospel and some bluegrass. Quintana hopes to have a future as a country music/gospel singer/performer. She has traveled and sang in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, MN, CO, NM, MO & SC.

Clarification: Quintana was named the 2008 & 2009 International Teenage Performer of the Year for the Country Gospel Music Association.

UPDATE: On June 26, 2010 Quintana was again named Western Region Teenage performer of the year and Western Region Yodeler of the Year.

UPDATE: Quintana Biffert named International Teenage Performer by CGMA & is now Platinum

It was an exciting week October 2010 in Branson, Missouri for 18 year old Quintana Biffert of Halliday. For the third year in a row, Biffert received the Golden Heart awards in two categories after the Country Gospel Music Association (CGMA) named her as their 2010 International Teenage Performer of the Year, as well as 2010 International Yodeler of the Year.

Awards night was held October 23 after a week of performances by artists in many different categories and voting by members after every night's performances.

After an artist receives three awards in the same category, they are then platinum, and the artist cannot participate in that category again. Biffert will receive her platinum heart award in October of 2011 at the annual international convention.

CGMA does not have judges who judge participants in the various categories. The CGMA members vote for the artist they wish to represent them in the many various categories. The voting is conducted like that of the Country Music Association (CMA).

While in Branson, Biffert cut her fourth cd with 8 songs, entitled “And Now My Life Song Sings” which will be released in early 2012. Over the winter she and her parents will work on artwork, and arrangement of the songs on the CD.

The CGMA consists of over 5900 members worldwide, and is the largest country gospel music association in the world. There are divisions in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Africa and Haiti.

The Western Division will be held in May 2013 in Beulah, ND Biffert will be participating there, but in a different categories.