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Rachel Allyn is a singer/songwriter and recording artist currently living in New Jersey. She performs over 100 shows a year and has opened for major touring acts including Sara Evans, Thompson Square, Lonestar, The Duhks, Randy Houser, and many more.

One of Rachel’s biggest influences, John Lennon, once said regarding his songwriting process, "You see? You just write what you feel even if you don't know where it'll take you." After releasing a more traditionally flavored country EP in 2009 (Late Nights and Early Mornings), Rachel and her producer, Warren Hibbert, made the conscious decision to take Lennon’s words to heart on her first full-length album, Do It Yourself. No preconceived arrangements, genre boundaries, or creative limits. The resulting music lands somewhere between alternative, singer/songwriter, and country, clearly drawing inspiration from all her musical influences while combining them in a way that’s interesting and unexpected.

Rachel’s exceptional vocals seal the deal. She deftly commands each song, telling her stories with a voice that is powerful, emotionally evocative, and truly beautiful. It is plainly evident that Rachel takes pride in every word she writes and every note she sings. The resulting album is authentic to Rachel as both a musician and a person.

With the release of Do It Yourself, Rachel Allyn looks to follow the paths forged by her favorite artists, while leaving her own distinct footsteps along the way. With the marks of such incredible writers as the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Holly Williams, Kacey Musgraves, Emmylou Harris and more to be heard amongst the songs of Do It Yourself, it’s easy to see where Rachel wants the path she’s chosen to lead. Respect as a writer. Longevity as a performer. Distinction as a vocalist. And smooth, white hair in her sixties.