Artists who make the most impact are always the ones who have more than a great voice. They have a unique spark that commands attention. Rachele Lynae possesses that rare quality that turns talented vocalists into bonafide stars and she sizzles on every track of her Momentum Label Group debut.

Rachele combines singing and songwriting skill with a heaping dose of attitude that has earned her respect and affection of country audiences from coast to coast. “I like to be the one that starts a party and if you come to my show, it’s rockin',” says the young artist. “Everything comes down to the live show and the music connecting with people.” A natural born entertainer, Rachele has the ability to connect with fans of all ages with her high- energy performance. "It's important to show people in the audience that we are going to have a good time at the concert," she says. “At the heart of it for me is connecting with people and telling their stories.”

Rachele knew at an early age that she wanted to be the one standing center stage and telling those stories. By the time she was 10-years-old, Rachele had already been singing in church for five years and admits her identity as an artist has been shaped by her Alaskan upbringing. “There are a lot of really creative people, especially in Kodiak because it’s a different scene,” she says. “Alaska is full of different types of people. There are a lot of artists that paint or draw. There are a lot of writers just because you are inspired by the beauty. There wasn’t much of a professional music scene, but it was a good place to foster creativity. I grew up with that uninhabited space to become creative and grow my artistry.” She began writing songs when she was 12-years-old, and by the time she was 17, she had hit the road and began gaining a reputation as a riveting live performer. “I was traveling and doing concerts up and down the west coast,” she says. “It was wonderful, a huge experience.”

Rachele moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, the prestigious school that groomed such country notables as Josh Turner, Trisha Yearwood and Brad Paisley. Like many of the artists currently reigning on the country charts, Rachele honed her skills performing at some of Nashville’s famed honky tonks, including Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. At the end of her senior year, she recorded a five- song EP that she shared with musician/manager, Jimmy Murphy. He was so impressed with her voice and the caliber of her songwriting that he shared Rachele’s music with his daughter Jamie O’Neal. Known for such hits as “There Is No Arizona” and “When I Think About Angels,” O’Neal is a gifted singer/songwriter who has added producer to her resume in recent years. Jamie and Rachele immediately connected and began working on the young artist’s debut album.

Country fans were first introduced to Rachele with the upbeat anthem “Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home,” buoyed by a video directed by Trey Fanjoy that showcased Rachele’s dynamic stage presence and natural charisma in front of the camera. “It was reaching the people who enjoy line dancing, the people who go out and rock out,” she says, “and it was helping people understand who I am as a country rocker. I’m here to have fun. Sometimes girls are not as much the party starters and that song was saying, ‘Okay get on your feet. I know I’m a chick up here, but let’s have some fun! Let’s get this party started!’”

Rachele’s debut album is filled with clever songs that explore the complexities of relationships and serve up some wisdom from the female perspective. “Fishin’ for Something” is a catchy number about fending off an unwanted suitor. “I wrote it with one of my best girlfriends, Hannah Bethel,” she says with a grin. “We like to go out and go dancing and found that when you have a girl’s night there’s always some guy that’s trying to break up your little group and some of the things they say are hilarious. It’s 12:30 and they’re asking, ‘What are you doing after this?’ And you answer, ‘I’m going home. Not your home!’ So we wrote this song.”

Among the album’s best moments is “Touch the Stars.” “In new love there’s this innocence and excitement,” Rachele says. “Sometimes we forget about that excitement but this song really captures it and makes you remember the feeling. I’m excited to release it. There’s something special about feeling that magic and this song really embraces it.”

Produced by O’Neal, Rachele’s album features a diverse collection of songs that cover a wide expanse of emotional territory. “Words in Red” is a rockin’ number about faith. “It’s about the Bible and the words in red. I wrote it with Kyle Stallons. We’re both believers and I shared that idea,” Rachele recalls. “We really wanted to talk about how precious those words are from an honest standpoint. I’m not perfect. We’re human and we live in a world that has a lot of stuff in it that’s kind of crappy. Sometimes we get confused and aren’t sure what’s the right way and what’s the wrong way, but at the end of the day what keeps me centered are those words in red.”

On a lighter note, “Two for One Special,” finds Rachele and Jamie teaming up for a duet about two women who turn the tables on a two-timing boyfriend. “Most revenge songs are fantasies more than anything, so we started coming up with ridiculous things that we’d do,” Rachele says of penning the tune with Jamie and Shaye Smith. “It was really fun doing a duet with Jamie on something that we both wrote together. It’s really cool working with her and seeing how she made the song come alive. I feel like I was learning things watching her in the recording studio.”

Under O’Neal’s skilled tutelage, Rachele has crafted an album that takes the listener on a compelling journey. “Clean” is an insightful song about emotional growth and redemption. “Cigarette” compares an unhealthy relationship to another dangerous habit. “It’s about the addiction to a relationship that’s not good for you,” Rachele explains. “The first lines are ‘quick to light, slow to burn, soothes the pain and brings the hurt.’ It’s something that feels good and is something that you want to hold onto, but is really causing you pain long-term and is really causing more damage than it’s worth.”

Alternately raw and vulnerable then bold and sassy, Rachele’s debut album showcases a young woman who writes from a deep well of emotion and doesn’t hesitate to unleash those feelings in her live show. “I love every part of this journey,” she says. “I love writing the songs. I love being in the studio. I love every step, but I’ve really discovered a passion for the stage that probably goes farther than the passion for everything else. I love getting on that stage. It’s an amazing feeling when you are up there and you know that the fans are connecting with you and are connecting with the song.”

Rachele Lynae has a deep appreciation for the power of music and its ability to connect. It’s a gift she doesn’t take for granted. “Music is something that even transcends language barriers,” she says. “The emotion that you can convey in music is unrivaled by anything else. It’s something that everyone understands. It’s a powerful thing and it is universal. I’ve heard the stories from my fans and I’ve had people say, ‘This song is exactly what I’ve needed.’ How cool is it that I get to be blessed enough to put the music out there for them?”