Rambler may refer to: Contents 1 Geography, 2 Music, 3 Organizations, 4 People, 5 Publications, 6 Transport, 7 Others, Geography: Rambler, Wyoming, Rambler Channel (藍巴勒海峽), separates Tsing Yi Island and the mainland New Territories in Hong Kong, The Ramble and Lake, Central Park, an area within New York City's Central Park, Music: Rambler (Bill Frisell album) an album by guitarist Bill Frisell, Rambler (Gábor Szabó album) an album by guitarist Gábor Szabó, Organizations: The Ramblers, a British charity for recreational walkers, Loyola Ramblers, the varsity sports teams of Loyola University Chicago, People: RJD2, an American producer, singer and musician whose full name is Ramble John "RJ" Krohn, Publications: The Rambler (1750-1752) was an essay series published by Edward Cave, mostly written by Samuel Johnson, The Rambler (Catholic periodical) (1848-1862) was a Catholic magazine, founded by converts and edited by Cardinal Newman, Transport: Rambler (automobile) and Nash Rambler, American automobile brands made by Thomas B. Jeffery Company (1900-1914), Nash Motors (1950-1957), and AMC (1958-1969), Rambler (bicycle), a turn-of-the-century American bicycle, HMS Rambler, four ships of the Royal Navy, Rambler 100, a racing yacht that capsized in the Fastnet Race on 15 August 2011, Rambler (yacht), a 2002 yacht., Others: Rambler (portal), a Russian search engine and Web portal similar to Yahoo!, Rambler Rose, a species of rose native to eastern Asia, in China, Japan, and Korea, Rambler, a style of house that extends sideways or in depth, therefore "rambles" (also known as ranch-style houses or California ramblers). The "ranch" euphemism was used by Levitt in his US post-war suburban homes. See Levittown, New York.

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